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    1695, that's a long time ago! I feel that the average drinker is more open to flips now compared to a couple of years ago, and in my opinion it probably is the most fun to play around with. The oppurtunities seem endless, from simple conoctions to more modern twists to classic drinks. More recipes are always welcome!
  2. Lahti


    One of my all time favourite winter drinks is the flip, I love the sweet and creamy texture that the egg gives the drink. From the classic Rum Flip to the more modern Cynar version, I just can't seem to get enough. But there isn't much information out there about this particular category of drinks, so my conclusion has always been that the flip never was one of the more popular styles. I've recently created a twist on the Cuba Libre called the Liberty Flip and it is a real crowd pleaser. It contains light rum, swedish punsch, coca-cola reduction, a dash of lime juice, simple syrup, an egg and grated nutmeg. Since I put that on my menu I've been trying to research the origins of the flip, but so far I haven't uncovered much. Does anyone have more information or recipes?
  3. Last night I treated myself to one of my own conoctions: The Liberty Flip 50 ml Bacardi Superior 10 ml swedish punsch 25 ml Coca-Cola and lime reduction 5 ml simple syrup 1 egg Nutmeg (for garnish) This was created for a Bacardi competition and has been on my menu for the last couple of months. It's a real crowd pleaser, and very approachable even for the novice. Not your everyday rum and coke!
  4. Bumping this old thread to share som information on different types of akvavit, and to see if you can help me put some of them to use. Cocktails with akvavit is fairly unheard of in Sweden, but since we have an (almost) endless supply of the stuff it would be nice to put it to use. Akvavit must be spiced with carraway and/or dill and contain at least 37.5% alcohol. Other than that you can add whatever flavour you like and choose to age it. There are two major styles of akvavit: danish and norwegian. The norwegian style is barrel aged and has a much rounder and softer taste than the danish. In Sweden we mainly prouce akvavits of the danish style. I'm not sure about the brands on the american market, but I will give you a short list of popular brands: OP Andersson is the most sold akvavit in Sweden, heavy carraway and anise flavours. Aalborg Jubilaeum Probably the the most recognized akvavit brands around, and is very typical for the danish style. Dill, coriander with a hint of citrus. Lysholm Linie is famous for crossing the equator twice and is a brilliant example of norwegian akvavit. Round and balanced with a classic carraway and dill flavour. Hallands Fläder is not a traditionally flavoured akvavit, but it is still a lovely product. The carraway is much more subtle and the dominant flavour is elderflower (hence the name fläder=elderflower) and to some extent juniper. I've been working on several cocktails with Hallands Fläder, but they all seem to come out a bit unbalanced. The best luck I've had so far is with gin, so maybe a Negroni with some sort of twit to it would be a decent shot.. If anyone has had any luck in mixing with Hallands Fläder, please let me know!
  5. Can you get Strega or Benedictine? Either (or better yet, a combination of both) would reasonably approximate the Yellow Chartreuse. When I make that drink with Strega, I call it the Norwegian Witchwood (I also prefer less apple brandy since, for me, it overpowers the aquavit): Norwegian Witchwood 1 1/4 oz Aquavit (Aalborg) 3/4 oz apple brandy or applejack 3/4 oz sweet vermouth (Cinzano) 1/4 oz Liquore Strega I'm curious about the name of the drink, why Norwegian Witchwood when you are using a danish Akvavit? For me (and most other swedes) there is a significant difference between norwegian and danish akvavit, the norwegian type is generally rounder due to barrel ageing.
  6. Have anyone else tried Monkey 47? By far the best gin I've ever tasted, floral and complex. Stands up very nicely in my favourite cocktail, Hanky Panky and is as close to a "sipping gin" as I think it gets. Website
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