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  1. I just don't get all those that complain about service being too formal and complaining when the menu is read out to them. Surely knowing what you're eating is part of the overall experience and fundamental to the enjoyment of any meal. In my view when diners are uncomfortable with this it says more about the diner than it says about the restaurant. I mean really what is so difficult and unnerving about listening to a brief description of what's on your plate ? On my recent visit to L'Enclume only some of the ingredients of my meal were explained to me. According to the waitress "most people p
  2. I agree, the service can be a bit inconsistent but generally I think it's pretty good. The Kitchin is one of the few places I can forgive minor service issues because of the quality of fare on offer but there is definitely room for improvement.
  3. MacD, I'm not particularly fond of "stiff, formal and humourless" approach either. I do however enjoy a little friendly and welcoming conversation, perhaps a remark about the weather or an inquiry as to where you have travelled from. I also quite like it when my glasses are not left empty and my napkin is relaid/placed on my table after I have visited the conveniences. It's also quite nice to receive a goodbye and have your jackets returned to you before leaving the premises instead of having to search for them yourself. I eventually found them in a cupboard opposite the toilets where they had
  4. Got to say, I just don't get the hullabaloo about L'Enclume. Been twice, once in 2004 and again this year and apart from one or two standout dishes was completely underwhelmed. I found the service particularly disappointing, with black marks too numerous to mention. No where near the standards of Martin Wishart or Tom Kitchin and not even in the same ball park as Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley. Dishes were certainly interesting, unique and technically accomplished but underwhelming and none had the knock out punch expected of a restaurant garnering the amount of plaudits L'Enclume has.
  5. I had my first today in The Kitchin in Edinburgh and it was superb. Tom Kitchin really is a master of seasonal, rustic fare with big flavour.
  6. tony h - Instead of attacking a fellow diner perhaps perhaps you could tackle the issue and not concentrate on pedantics.
  7. Frankly, I am surprised this merits debate. David Goodfellow and wifes experience was clearly not up to the standard of a two star michelin experience. I accept that it would have been better had he mentioned to the restaurant on booking that he would be taking photos and recording dish descriptions however I would suggest that even without prior warning most two star michelin restaurants would have taken this in their stride. There is simply no excuse for making faces at diners which shows a total lack of respect for the paying customer and reflects badly on the restaurant as a whole. I have
  8. For the same reasons you were looking forward to seeing Adams review of Restaurant Sat Bains.
  9. No-one else been to The Burlington lately ? I'd love to hear what my fellow foodies think of the place.
  10. Marcus, it's clear that Sat's sense of humour is somewhat quirky or dry as you describe it but his attitude on this site and on Trip advisor speaks volumes. Good Customer care is an essential component in todays hospitality industry and unfortunately Sat doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word. There was a time he was on my list of "to try" but no longer.
  11. This place has lost its magic since Michael Wignall left for the Latymer at Pennyhill park! My wife and I have visited the Devonshire arms, Bolton Abbey twice previously and both times were truly exceptional. How standards have fallen. In September 2011 we decided to return to rekindle memories of our Honeymoon in 2003. We have absolutely no complaints about our room but our special evening in the Burlington restaurant was an absolute disaster. After a short time looking at our menus we realised we had each been given a different one. The Maitre D apologised and returned with the correct menu
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