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  1. Liked Bread Affair Bread, didn't love it. I would class it as a good loaf but has a ways to go to get near greatness. Vancouver deserves great bread.
  2. Thanks. The bread looks great. I'll give it a try. I hope the inside is as good as the crust.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep them coming. So far Beyond Bread is the best I've had. Still have a bunch to try.
  4. I recently moved from Victoria to Vancouver and was surprised to find a lack of great bread. So far the best has been Ace Bakery bread at the Superstore!!!!!!!!! I've been spoiled by Wild Fire and Fol Epi and Church Bakery in Comox. I realize this question keeps getting asked but I'm still stuck on where to get decent, slow rised, natural yeast, possibly wide fired oven bread. Any suggestions?
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