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  1. Out of interest just wondering how the perishable proteins etc that need refrigeration are packaged... How long can they be left out of the refrigerator? Do the companies have a disclaimer for goods not refrigerated by a required time? Looking into starting a similar service myself... ✌️
  2. Do any of you guys have those places (I'm sure you do) where whenever you're walking/driving past you just have to slip in & grab one of their signature wares? Whether it be providore, bakery, cafe, restaurant, take away joint, coffee shop, whatever.... Mine is a place in Melbourne, Australia, an old Greek cafe who have been infamous for their spanokopita for 30 yrs or so... Maybe it's the familiar kitsch fitout that hasn't been changed for years? Maybe the famil(y)iar service staff? Maybe the fact that the price has gone up only marginally since I was an apprentice & lived around the
  3. I'm a fan of thin cut or French fries, especially as a side. Reminds me of really good bistro not to mention they cook quicker... Not a loaded (pardon the pun) question just curious as to what ppl like from both sides of the fence ✌️
  4. Not sure if there is already a previous thread on this topic but I am interested in your opinions & experiences
  5. Hi guys, im just starting to do some consultancy work but the truth is i have no idea how to charge my clients. For instance, i have a client who is launching a health/spice range & i need to provide roughly 20 recipes to be published online aswell as 10 or so dish mockups to be photographed professionally & published online aswell. Hoping some of you guys could point me in the right direction as to what would be a reasonable asking fee & how to break this down. Thanking you in advance...
  6. Have used parchment/silicone paper in brat pans to seal off large quantities of proteins for catering... i mainly use it when the surface of the pan is a lil worse for wear & there is a risk of the product sticking... very good for things like saltimbocca (prosciutto) & could imagine the virtues of using it for a dish lime this
  7. thanks guys, that should get me going. probably will be a small commercial trawler. havent secured the contract yet, still flirting with the idea... will keep u posted
  8. OK... it seems I may have taken on a job cooking on a fishing boat. After working as a chef for more than 20 years the only problem that presents itself is that I have never actually cooked on a boat or at sea before... Im sure there are plenty of do's and donts and handy tips around for undertaking such a task, would anybody like to share? I'll be at sea for around 3 months in tropical - subtropical conditions. Thanks in advance
  9. whilst clipping my fingernails before / after work i always manage to clip one a little too short allowing salt and lemon juice to penetrate it for the next week.... no matter how much it hurts i always mange to do it again, and again, and again...
  10. Couple drops of blue food colouring in FOH glass of cola... priceless
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