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  1. i wonder if you had a set honey and added invertase to it, what would happen
  2. Kerry that would be a great help thanks, I'm constantly on the look out for books to help out. Lior. Ahh interesting idea. Make a pure jelly shell/mould then fill with desired honey then cover that with more jelly (does that sound right). The problem being that I can't cook the honey as anything above 37-40c de-natures it. Looks like I need to get experimenting. P.s can anyone recommend any good confectionery books that would help, most I've read tend to be chocolate centric
  3. Take advice from Homer Simpson and the flaming Moe
  4. Hey thanks for that, I thought I was being ignored. Yeah it seems like an impossible task. I know there are sweets with liquid centres, but I'm guessing they use invertase. Although on further research I found these classic (now defunct but still made in germany.. english brand) Meltis new berry fruits, and the list of ingredients brings nothing to light. http://www.newberryfruits.co.uk/newberryfruitshistory.html ingredients in New Berry Fruits Sweets (correct at time of listing) Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, peach puree 5%, citric acid, gelling agent: agar agar, flavouring, acidity regulator
  5. Hmmm not sure, I think bee's actually use invertase to make honey,I need to solidify the honey or find a way of putting a liquid inside
  6. Any ideas on how I could put a honey centre in a jelly pastille
  7. Hi everyone!I'm new to the blog and picking up many tips. I would appreciate it greatly if anyone could answer all or some of my questions.I have searched past topics but I need specific points answering...Regards in advance I had a business idea a couple of years ago whilst sitting bored at my desk at work. The basis of the idea was a natural, traditional throat and cough remedy that tasted nice and had ingriedients that had some scientific basis as to their "healing" powers. I need to take on the large pharmaceutical companies with a hand made anti bacterial candy Now there are many pastille
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