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  1. budget is not really an issue as the owner spares no expense on product, marinated artichoke i thought also maybe with a touch of pepperoncino? a sauce of tomato mint basilico black pepper and a celery stick? kinda bloody mary thing without the alcohol would be a nice idea?
  2. greetings im currently looking for some kind of dip sauce or a small fast a la carte finger food to side some types of bruscetta like bruschetta caprese with rucola/rocket brusschetta sauted mushrooms with rocket bruschetta carpaccio till now we've been using a simple one with sticks of carrot celery and cucumber and chef asked to change this with something new but without the use of any kind of fish product egg product or milk product,which pretty much leaves the vegetables option. any ideas? thank you in advance
  3. i'm looking for a yanagi for action purposes only,not daily use though,couple hours a day of show cooking,i was wondering if i could find something with a katana-samurai style handle,is something like that in the market? i'm in europe,and i still havent found anything like that,if you had a recommendation of brand/merchant whatever,it would be great,thank you
  4. Greetings its my first post here and i hope its not on the wrong section, i would like to ask if you have any idea where someone could study asian cuisine in europe, im from greece,with a 3 years experience of professional cooking plus attented to a 2year college course,is there something i could find in europe that is asian oriented? im am basically interest in chinese cuisine and thai. hope you answer, thank you!
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