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  1. Carpano Antica/Antica Formula! At the suggestion of a bartender I work with I mixed 1 oz of Carpano with about 6 oz of iced looseleaf black tea. Simply wonderful.
  2. I've had brioche thats fine and crumbly (almost poundcake-like) as well as brioche that pulls apart in velvety strands. Apart from the fact that its buttery, eggy, and rich.. why do we refer to them with the same generality and which do people prefer more?
  3. I'm actually a Barback, but I'm looking for some reference material to beef up my knowledge so I'm ready when I need to prove myself. The bar I work at has a good range of amari bitters and other hard to find stuff and we had a copy of Beta Cocktails bouncing around. Anyway, what's a good book for me? The new Gaz Regan Manual? My own copy of Beta Cocktails?
  4. What is everyone's thoughts out there (wattage/energy bill wise) on additional refrigerator set-ups? I have a couple roomates that use up quite a bit of fridge space with packaged foods and condiment stuff. Selfish me wants space for fermenting bread dough, curing bacon and other projects. Is running a small fridge in my bedroom going to cost me a fortune?
  5. Sweet. So I'd most likely buy pots of herbs already started? Can these be arranged in a hanging bannister box kinda thing? I'm sure these are all softball questions but this stuff is new to me.
  6. Just moved into a new apartment with private access to a sweet 3rd story porch. While it's not the envy of Thomas Keller I really want to put it to use growing herbs or whatever else would be acceptable. I know its the thick of the summer but what can I put here? What would be perennial? Whats a good starting point? It's got Southern exposure and its in the Boston area climate-wise.
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