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  1. does your daughter suffer from lactose intolerance? ya.. soy flour is gluten free..or u can find gluten free flour package..something like that.just to save some cost but quality is important too.. All the best!!maybe we can exchange more gluten-free recipe
  2. I've never thought of quinua as being hard to find - even in Canada my local specialty shops stocked both the grain and the flour, and certainly down here I'm not lacking. I pay about $1.60 USD for 500g prepackaged bags of flour from the mill about 15 blocks from my house (I do love living in this city!) All quinua is washed before being milled; I can buy unwashed grains at the market, or washed ones, and generally I opt for the washed because I'm a lazy bum. Ecuador is the world's largest supplier of quinua flour, so if it's going to be in specialty markets, it's most likely from here. For
  3. Panaderia Canadiense -Quinoa flour - The first step in preparing unboxed quinoa is to remove the saponins, a process that requires either soaking the grain in water for a few hours, then changing the water and resoaking, or, more simply, rinsing the quinoa in ample running water for several minutes in either a fine strainer or a cheesecloth. Removal of the saponin helps with digestion; the soapy nature of the compound makes it act as a laxative. Most boxed / pre-packaged quinoa, however, has already been pre-rinsed for convenience, and cooking instructions therefore suggest only a brief rinse
  4. I agree with you..for thickening of creamy soup but I'm using egg yolk and cream.Maybe you can try it,seems like everyone using wondra as instant flour.I always sieve sauce before adding anything into it..quite difficult to make it cause of lump.Some time egg yolk or kneaded butter can be replaced for it. Most Chinese cuisine using cornstarch for thicken-ing in last end after placing foods on plate.For western,depends how they do it, like ge-glaze sauce by using red wine before add them into meaty
  5. Quinua Flour? I never head of it?my area don't have that..i like nutty type for sauce,somehow wheat flour given a smooth sauce without seive-ing and wont get lump easily unless using starch.
  6. Oh well, i just want to know you guys' views..normally i making white sauce ..just a butter and flour(but i using wheat flour) what about potato,tapioca and some weird flour.. for better creamy soup of mushroom and many more..what about u guys?
  7. Oh my, thanks for the beautiful pictures.. I simply love it.. ^^ hopefully i can work there one day.. it is my long dream!!!!
  8. Thanks..I am looking forward for it.. ^^
  9. you using sweet vermouth for pasta? or for any meat or poultry with it? ya.. pretty expensive.. unless i travel in NYC or somewhere..given a good and better price and wine too..
  10. $10 bottle of pinot grigo ? 330ml or 500ml? I live in Singapore.. it costs about $6 to $8 for 330ml >.> abit steep price..LOL.. never mind.. as long we can do experiment on wine in pasta ..
  11. giving away free cookbooks? How nice if i have The Concise Larousse Gastronomique: The World's Greatest Cookery Encyclopedia? i prefer second hand or with good condition?
  12. You can say so..it's something about own chef wants to create good delicious food for guests,just like buying gold or diamond for safekeeping..HAha..Brasato al Barolo is very risky dish to cook due of experiencing..some day will make it if i have cash in my pockets or else.. i dont want to burn my a month's salary for it.. HAHA.. By the way? what about cream - based sauce? I used unsalted butter and some handful of herbs and some good italian wine too.. guess.. its same thing like tomatoes-based sauce..sometime i eat it with spaghetti.. finds it hard to swallow due to thicken cream..i make it
  13. That reasons why i have to think twice before buying good wine or else i definitely run their flavor in my tomato-based.. is like no difference from adding chicken stock..French Red Wine any of them sure go well with meat or poultry.. Look like most chef using pinot grigo.. but as long it tastes good itailan pasta.. haha.. im not sure which wine i have to settle or commit with one wine for life.. >.> hopefully i can make good pasta ..^^
  14. I never thought of using anchovies.. but i can tell it will give tomoto-based a mild flavour too.. sometime i used chicken stock for it..i never use red wine in my tomato based...deglaze fried onion and garlic is good.. but somehow not many chef doing that right.. ?
  15. I see..maybe depend on prices on your country..unlike me.. even cheap and inexpensive such as JACOB'S CREEK - CHARDONNAY costs $20 - $25 a bottle.. >.> no harm to try other wine too.. i have to think twice before buying...
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