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  1. An interesting idea Pangtv. I would be concerned about the moisture though. All that water from the Tofu would make the Nori soggy. Even if you pressed the water out it might be overly crumbly then?
  2. I've made Faux mashed potato in the past with Cauliflower...I wonder if I could add just a touch to the "rice"? Just to help bind but not so much as to take away from the "rice grain" texture?
  3. That sounds like the kind of thing I was thinking of Baselerd. You dont really want the cauli taste (as close to sushi rice as possible). I suppose you could even add some rice vinager and liquid splenda for the sweet/sour flavor. I wonder if the acid might mess up the gel though?
  4. Hi Everyone! I've been on the slow carb/Paleo diet for some time now and really miss the rice. In particular Maki rolls! Now I know that cauliflower is a great subtitute and many use it for rolls but here is my issue: 1). They all look like they are falling apart 2) Those that don't, ALL use Mayo (allowed but trying to keep the fat low as well) to hold the "rice" in place I was thinking back to my days playing with Molecular Gastronomy and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to add that "stickiness" that sushi rice has? If you overcook the cauli it turns to mush and is overly watery. I was thinking maybe something like Guar Gum? Something clear and flavorless that would give enough "stickiness" to the cauli rice to hold shape. It could then be used for maki on it own, used, used for normal sushi or even formed around a filling in triangles (rice balls...although that one might be a bit to much to hope for) I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!
  5. Any online references listing ingredients textures?
  6. For those who cant afford the 4,000 to use the volatile compounds in food database does anyone know a open source with the same data? Flavour.net has some stuff but I'm really looking for a bit more relevant data. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi everyone! I've been eating a lot of Konjac shirataki noodles (not the ones with tofu) to help with my diet. They have no flavor on their own but take on the flavour of what they are cooked with. "dry roasting" them in the pan before hand helps their texture as well. I have two questions: 1) Can I drain all or at least most of the water they come in and vacume seal them to reduce storage space? (I have loads of these things) 2) If I place them with sauce and vacume seal it will they become mushy? Cannt wait to hear what you all think. Thanks in advance everyone!
  8. I know Isomalt is normally used for pulling but I keep trying to make it as a syrup (like karo) I've been using a ration of 3:1 Isomalt/Water to make the syrups. They turn out great but when they cool they turn white and grainy. Is there any way to keep the syrup clear at room temp?
  9. Hi everyone! There are lots of recipes and lists of different misos but does anyone have any guides to pairing miso with different ingridients? Pork, beef, sea food... white or red miso? When should it just be soy,mirin, dashi stock?
  10. I agree its starting to go the way of parsley as a garnish but its still a good technique to have. Any thoughts on descriptions? By the way, I used it only as an example. If you know of others, new or old please let us know. Thanks everyone!
  11. The culinary school here on the forum has a great intro to plating but does anyone have actual techniques for using the spoon and how to drag it or whatever to create those popular presentations seen now days?
  12. Thats one of the few sites with any info. How do you think the shapes could be made via the mold method? There is a thread on this forum but it ends before this topic is actually addressed.
  13. Hi Everyone! I have searched high and low and have yet to find any concrete info. Shiritaki noodles made fro konjac gum are healthy and yummy but no one seems to know how to make the noodles. I have found a few posts where people claim they figured it out. What about all those different shapes? Are they made in molds or extruded? Konjacfoods has a basic recipe but does anyone have a guide for all the shapes? Maybe even a wrapper? Its soooo hard to find any data on this.
  14. Good point about the trans. The clubs meeting once a week and we will be playing with a lot of this stuff but I'm going to see about buying in bulk so it works out much cheaper. I don't want to use the same things over and over each week so distributing to the members to cover the cost makes sense. We will keep some for the club and the members get to purchase it in small ammounts at a bulk price. The trans might be a prob though... it doesnt last long. Any other product ideas?
  15. I saw a post here not to long where members where buying some MG products and recouping the cost by sending off smaller ammounts. Most of the ingridients are to much for most of us to use realistically but what ingridients do you all think would benifit most from sharing? Sweetners and such will end up getting used but what do you advise having had experience buying these thinks. I'm trying to start a free molecular cooking club and would appreciate any help folks. I would be great to try all these different things out and not be stuck with a load of stuff I won't end up using.
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