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  1. Hey all I know that there are cocktail competitions that award prizes for best bar, or bartenders, of flairing etc, but are there any renowned competitions that award prizes to cocktails? The IBA seem to have some awards: http://www.iba-world.com/ But the page seems to be down at the moment for 'Winning Cocktails'. Also I found that there was a cocktail competition in Paris in 1920: http://www.makemeacocktail.com/cocktail/6955/six-cylinder/ But can't find much more about that event or if it ran in previous / concurrent years. Everything I look into seems to come back to bartending skills rather than actual flavours etc. Anyone know of any major events / awards / recognition that is given? Thanks in advance Nick
  2. Has anyone mentioned the Six Shooter cocktail? I think I found it here a year ago or so ... Its choc full of spirits but I remember liking the complex flavours: 1.5cl Campari 1.5cl Dubonnet 1.5cl Cherry Brandy 1.5cl Dry Vermouth 1.5cl Sweet Vermouth 1.5cl Gin Also, I really like the Bitter Elder. Infact its been a while since I made that - might re-make it tonight
  3. That should probably say "ice filled rocks glass" not "glass filled rocks glass" which could be nasty
  4. One of my favourite cocktails - The Lemon Meringue Pie - uses Frangelico but I reckon it will probably taste good with your Amaretto instead. 2 parts limoncello 1 egg white 1/2 part sugar syrup 1 part lemon juice 1/2 part frangelico (/amaretto) Shake up with ice, strain into a glass filled rocks glass. Sweet, but so so good.
  5. Hmm weird, it shouldn't do if you just go to MyBar and then click on "Find Cocktails Using My Bar Ingredients" (or infact if you hit Random Cocktail is uses MyBar). I suspect its probably made some substitutions that weren't really obvious (ie substituted ingredient A for ingredient B and you're not aware of the substitution). I'll have a look at it and maybe show the substitution (by showing what you had and what it is telling you what you could use instead). Always tweaking the algorithm to be more useful - thanks for looking and the feedback - and sorry it didn't quite do what you wanted it to at first glance. Nick
  6. Sorry for the self promotion (well I'm not that sorry as think it could really help ) here but have a look at the MyBar feature on our site: http://makemeacocktail.com/ It allows you to put in what you have to show you what you can make. For instance the Pegu Club: http://makemeacocktail.com/fullscreen/cid/6903/ Which is a favourite of mine! We use some substitution filters as well to try and show you what you possibly could make with a small twist (ie Orange liqueur substituted for Triple Sec / Cointreau) - as we think it just opens up your results a little and allows you try slightly different twists on the classic recipe. Anyway, keep on posting here your findings, I'm enjoying your journey through the cocktails. Nick P.S Just remember to add all your home ingredients and mixers to the list.
  7. I went to a wedding last year (in the summer) and we got Mojitos or Pimms on arrival. In fact thinking about it I've had Pimms at 2 weddings when we arrived. Both went down really well - if its a nice summer day maybe think about those. If its a bit cooler then maybe have some more "warming drinks" on hand (thinking Whiskey based, or my more recent purchase of Drambuie could be an option). I did start to make a list of Wedding cocktails: http://makemeacocktail.com/list/46/ But think it might need some more adapting. Good luck and hope the day goes well!
  8. There are quite a few recipes here: http://makemeacocktail.com/results/loadsearch/1533/ that use Drambuie. The rusty screw sound like a great twist on the Rusty Nail although I haven't tried it myself.
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