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  1. Nothing quite like duelling pizza ovens to keep things interesting around here. Looking forward to it.
  2. Anna N

    Dinner 2021

    Tomato stems can also add flavour. You would want to remove them for service! I have a vague recollection of a well known chef using tomato stems to boost the flavour of tomatoes. Maybe somebody else recalls him or her. Click.
  3. I don’t think I have experienced anything like this before. Who knows what Google is up to.
  4. Strangely your link leads me first to Spanish restaurants in Toronto and then to various “10 best” restaurants in various locations within Spain.
  5. But I was. I picked it up and the bottom fell out.
  6. I have no control over whether this happens again or not. I certainly hope not. But next time I’ll make sure to wipe it up with a clean cloth so I can at least wring out the scotch into a clean glass.
  7. Only something extremely thick will stay otherwise it will simply drop off onto the plate which is what it would do anyway whether or not you had something wedging it. I think you are over thinking this. If what you are blending is so expensive or precious that you can’t afford to waste even a drop then how about using a piece of parchment to collect the drips or smudges. You can easily scrape that back into your container. Or you could simply scrape it off a plate but then you’d have to wash the plate. Surely life shouldn’t be this complicated.
  8. This will depend much on your kitchen configuration but I’ll lay mine down on the counter with the business end over the sink.
  9. But it looks like the effort was worth it! What a great opportunity. I love the ones we the can get here and often wonder how much I am missing. Most fruits picked and eaten at their peak of ripeness are revelatory. Thanks for sharing this experience.
  10. Excellent. Good to know. I think you earned your dessert.
  11. I’m not quite sure what you are saying. Did they “trespass” beyond their own proteins? It all looks quite irresistible to me.
  12. Probably not a chef of the fame of Emeril but both @Kerry Bealand I had cookware with Marcel Biro’s name on it. In fact, most of the cookware that we used in Manitoulin was this brand and it was very satisfactory.
  13. Although I have occasionally looked up a Delia recipe, I am mostly in the dark. Her instructions for making toast are beyond the pale. Yet I can’t help but comment that her opinion of toasters is shared by many people. My daughter has bought and returned so many toasters not up to her expectations. And I know we’ve had a number of topics on the same subject here. Grabbing for a cliché — how is it that we can put a man on the moon but can’t make a decent toaster? Just a rhetorical question!
  14. I come from a family of British publicans. My maternal grandparents and my parents had a pub in Derby called the Blue Bell Inn. It is long gone now as is The Earl Grey. (which still had stables in the courtyard although they no longer housed horses).The two pubs were on opposite sides of the same street but had different addresses because of the orientation of the front door. Don’t recall any love lost between the two of them! My niece and her then husband ran the Brick and Tile for a time and various real and faux aunts and uncles were landlords of pubs in Derbyshire and Lincolnsh
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