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  1. Yes I downloaded the recipe book and I see that one recipe calls for an eight hour or longer cook.
  2. Oh yes. Not something that I am particularly anxious to own.
  3. What is an FB? Well apparently my math is even worse than I thought because 2011 to 2020 is not 11 years, it is only 9. And with that two extra years lopped off I do recall receiving a broiler tray and a pizza pan with my first oven. I do not, however, recall ever using these. But this new BSO is not a straight replacement for the old one but has that one feature that I was so missing on the old one – – an oven light, it also has two extra functions – – bagel which does not interest me since I don’t like bagels and slow cook which I probably won’t use either but it’s an interesting addition.
  4. Well apparently from the date on this post my Breville smart oven survived for almost 11 years of very frequent use. But it has been failing for months now and eventually became non-operative. I debated if I could live with just the CSO but much as I love that oven it just doesn’t match the BSO for capacity and it surely doesn’t re-heat pizza worth a damn. So today @Kerry Bealwas kind enough to pick me up a new one and deliver it, sans box, to my house. I just can’t deal with big cardboard boxes at the moment. I am sharing this even before I have taken a look at it in situ. I did notice that it seem to come with many accoutrements. I don’t recall there being anything with the first version. After I’ve had a chance to do some investigating I will post more.
  5. @shain Nice looking lunches! Well this is as close as it’s going to be for a while as far as the ladies who lunch is concerned. @Kerry Bealhad business in my end of the region today so she stopped by the Vietnamese restaurant in Oakville to grab me a Pork Wreck. and while I ate it alone I knew I was virtually connected because she had picked up two more of these for herself and her colleague who was waiting patiently back at the office. Menu.
  6. Looks as if it’s your dream come true. Now if only it will toast appropriately!
  7. @Kerry Beal visited @Alleguede’s pastry shop, Goûter, and returned with a CARE package for me! Locked down since March 15 so such thoughtfulness means a great deal.
  8. As bizarre as it may sound the CSO did a fantastic job on reheating a sausage McMuffin with egg! 325°F for eight minutes, steam bake, rack in the toaster position and muffin placed directly on the rack. Who knew?
  9. Created by @Alleguede, delivered by @Kerry Beal and will be enjoyed by yours truly. Not shown is a lovely baguette. Wish I had tried for a better photo.
  10. Finally a use for the date syrup that has been languishing in my pantry for Lord only knows how long – – unopened.
  11. If you can detect the presence or absence of 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice in this particular recipe then you obviously have an exquisite palate that puts mine to shame. Good for you. No hard feelings.
  12. OK. I get that. I still don’t get what difference 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice will make to this recipe.
  13. Yep it’s much more reliable. And for hard boiled eggs — from the fridge into cold water, turn on the heat and stir gently for a minute or two to centre the yolks, bring the water to a boil, turn off the heat, put on the lid, leave alone for 10 minutes, into ice bath and perfect every time.
  14. I have tried sous-vide eggs in all their many iterations and have never been able to maintain any kind of consistency in results.
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