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  1. Thanks! We could do a swap because I have quite a number of cans of coconut milk in my pantry. They have been there a while so not recently purchased.
  2. Honestly I’m not looking for sympathy I just wanted to report what was happening where I am.
  3. My daughter just finished doing some grocery shopping for me. I asked for some frozen vegetables. Apparently I was just dreaming. There are none I mean none to be had. I asked for some Jamaican patties – – ditto. A particular instant noodle which is normally abundant — Nada. I still don’t think starvation is on my doorstep but I am astounded nevertheless. And for those who think that I should be using fresh vegetables please be aware that I have a lot of physical challenges. Having access to frozen vegetables is important to me.
  4. The other lady who lunches enjoyed A leg and thigh from a Costco rotisserie chicken that my daughter just purchased washed down by a glass of white wine dropped off at my house by this very lady who is lunching at the Owl of Minerva. There’s a downside to your best friend being a doctor when you are one of the most vulnerable. I offered to get her a bell so she could wander around calling out, “Unclean. Unclean”. Sometimes gallows humour is vital to survival.
  5. I hope he didn’t. That would hurt!
  6. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    Store-bought flatbread, mozzarella, jarred artichoke hearts and delicious little tomatoes that I have been eating like candy.
  7. Anna N

    Dinner 2020

    Since that is the best I can ever hope to get it makes your dinner much more likely to be an inspiration. You must really miss your fresh seafood. Of course you can manage without but that’s not the point.
  8. So very sorry this happened to you. I think the stress of the whole lock down etc., although we might like to think we are not stressed, is really affecting us in ways we had never imagined. I used to take my many medications automatically without a thought. But suddenly I can’t remember if I took them or if I didn’t. So now it’s become a whole ritual of setting aside time to fully concentrate on this one simple task until it is completed and then writing down that I did it. I’m just saying this because I don’t think our brains are operating at full capacity and you have been under stress for much much longer. Anyway I wish you quick healing of your leg and a decent meal very soon.
  9. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    Not the prettiest egg muffin you’ve ever seen But I was trying to multitask. Never a good plan on single cup of coffee.
  10. Anna N

    Dinner 2020

    There’s a reason to sometimes not post photographs. I am prepared to take your word for it. Whether or not @Duvel will is another matter.
  11. Hope you make them and let us know what you think.
  12. I thought nobody would ever ask. These are amazing. You have to make sure they fully puff. Here.
  13. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    Sabich or sabih (Hebrew: סביח‎ [saˈbix]) is an Israeli sandwich based on a traditional Iraqi Jewish dish prepared for Shabbat. It consists of pita or laffa stuffed with fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs, Israeli salad, parsley, amba and tahini sauce. https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Sab...
  14. Done right they are neither chewy nor hard. Very much like chicharrón.
  15. My new “crack”. Think of something that is half chicharrón and half frico. Baked parmesan rinds.
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