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  1. I think a lot of the recipes have suffered over the years through various upgrades so probably one of them impacted your recipe. It would still be great if you edited it for those who might go looking for it. One day perhaps, when all the moons are aligned, even I might give it a try. I’ve always been quite intrigued by the idea and the name of this salad dressing.
  2. Another day when familiar comfort food called out. Vietnamese pho. Fresh spring rolls with shrimp and peanut dipping sauce. Beef and chicken for Kerry. Rare and well done beef for me. Not sure if I failed to forward photographs of the garnishes and my Vietnamese iced coffee from Kerry’s phone to my phone or if those photographs just didn’t get taken this time!
  3. The recipe is certainly there but it seems to have lost its measurement units.
  4. Yeah. It’s a shame. Goose is one of my favourite meats but it’s priced way out of my pocketbook now.
  5. I don’t have the answer for you but I do know it is always been extraordinarily expensive compared to other meats. It’s been many years since I purchased a goose for Christmas and at that time it was $60 and that wasn’t even premium goose but just from the supermarket. edited to add: One goose does not feed very many people so adding to the expense!
  6. I am still very much in love with my A4. Tonight‘s dinner was a repeat of something I did not too long ago but in that case I roasted the vegetables in the oven. Tonight I wondered if they could be roasted in the A4 box. and indeed it worked very well. Carrots, parsnips, onions and a sliced cheddar Smokey. They had plenty of colour but it’s not showing up very well in this photograph.
  7. Anna N

    Lunch 2019

    Did a little re-organizing of my refrigerator this morning and discovered I had far too many jars of pickles most of them with only a couple of pickles in the bottom. Thought it would be a good idea to try and eat some of these up and gain some real estate. Hiding behind the jars of pickles were three of these cans that I had forgotten about. @Kerry BealBrought these back from France a while back And fortunately they have a best before date somewhere in 2022! Lunch.
  8. Always provided, of course, that you have access to fresh herbs. Scallions are a much better option when you don’t. They keep far better than cut herbs and are available just about everywhere. I have seen times when even parsley isn’t available at the grocery store and tarragon is extremely elusive. So, what is easy for some is challenging for others. Southern Ontario is not California.
  9. I also looked on Amazon.ca and it shows the bottle and then announces that it is no longer available! Darn. I was very curious and anxious to try it. Edited to add: it is available according to the Internet from Walmart.com but not from Walmart.ca.
  10. You mean you didn’t get your degree in heating and air-conditioning at the same time as your medical degree? What were you thinking?
  11. I’m not dissing the ranch dressing completely. The pickled ramps, yes. — at $18 a bottle I can get some fine pickled onions — probably as many as four jars I would guess. As for the ranch dressing it’s possible I did not have enough inclusions. It’s equally possible I didn’t season it well enough. It’s even possible I’m not a huge fan of ranch dressing made by anybody 😂
  12. But you really have to consider the alternatives!
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