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  1. Although I had expressed a wish to try something new for lunch yesterday, I don’t think I was being truthful. For both me and @Kerry Beal, It really seemed a day when familiarity and comfort were in order. Kerry had just flown back from the Workshop in St. Louis and I was dealing with some family issues. So after a brief drive around a small section of Hamilton in search of someplace new, we both agreed that a return to Lemongrass was in order. Ginger tea for Kerry and beer for me. A spicy beef salad. The strange antenna-dish-looking thing is a shrimp chip! Crispy duck. Rice and peanut sauce.
  2. Not very photogenic, but oh so good. Ginger snaps with crystallized ginger. My house will smell so good for days.
  3. Yesterday, @Kerry Beal and I paid a return visit to Cavallonero in Ancaster. (This was after we had entered another restaurant and got rather a bad vibe and decided to follow our instincts and find another place to eat). I enjoyed a glass of an Argentinian Malbec. Kerry had tea with lots and lots of milk (we both remarked on how wasteful it is to use these tiny milk containers). Crispy calamari. It was very tender if somewhat under seasoned but the garlic sauce that accompanied it was so moreish we eventually asked for another serving of the sauce. We each had a bowl of one of the daily soups. This was tomato, rapini and sausage garnished with extra Parmesan and some pepper. And we shared a mushroom pizza. That’s not an entirely a true statement. I was lucky enough to bring most of it home.
  4. Be careful what you wish for. Butterscotch cookies. If all you ask of a cookie is that it be a good hit of sugar these will fill the bill. What they lack in excitement they make up for in ease of execution and very plain ingredients.
  5. Yesterday @Kerry Bealand I returned to Kamoosh in Waterdown. I asked Kerry to take a photograph of their cutlery. It is stamped “Bowering” which used to be a boutique housewares chain but I believe it is long gone out of business. A glass of South African Sauvignon Blanc for me. Tea for Kerry. Then we shared a selection of cicchetti (I had to ask!). Apparently the word means Italian tapas? Polenta chips with lemon ricotta. Duck mousse with preserved pears and grilled baguette. Smoked salmon carpaccio. Lots of lovely grilled baguette. And then we shared the grilled calamari. For once we did not order too much food. The downside of that being there were no leftovers to take home.☹️
  6. Snickerdoodles. Very disappointed that there are no crinkles. I have never figured out the secret to getting crinkly-topped cookies. I suspect, however, not a single complaint will reach me about the missing crinkles.
  7. Yes it was on a daily special menu along with a Wagyu beef dish.
  8. Katherine Hepburn‘s brownies with chocolate chunks.
  9. Thank you for the thought. But I might starve to death in the meantime since she could not leave at lunchtime and was in a completely different building in another part of town except for the very first day, I had a wonderful time, bland sandwiches and all.
  10. I have just finished a delicious lunch but yet I swear I could get my mouth around that sandwich. Him doesn’t know what’s good for him.😂
  11. Anna N

    Sharp countertop steam oven

    I looked at the video for the Sharp and it tends to give you the impression that you can cook a chicken in there so you need to watch the video very carefully to realize that the chicken never goes into the oven and never comes out of the oven. It just magically appears on the table. At first glance this doesn’t hold a candle to the CSO. But thanks for pointing it out even so.
  12. Back in our own hometown(s) after a delightful sojourn in nearby London, Ontario, I didn’t have much hope that lunch would happen today. I had a dental appointment and did not fancy being in a restaurant, drooling from one side of my mouth, in public. Apparently things have improved immensely. The freezing had almost completely disappeared before my bill was paid. But something comforting and consistently good still seemed like a practical idea. And so we returned to Sakai. Tea for Kerry and sake for me and this time they did not bring an additional drinking cup! Again we decided that a selection of appetizers was the route to go. Steamed dumplings. Korean kalbi beef. And the signature dish—rock shrimp. Just as an aside foie gras was on the menu. Beef sashimi.
  13. On the way out of town we stopped for a little more nostalgia. Mocha almond fudge for Kerry (hope I got that right). Fresh strawberry sundae for me. And apparently we missed this exciting tour.
  14. Unless your name is Kerry Beal, getting creative in a hotel room with food is a bridge too far for most of us. But I tried. The second half of the ham and cheese sandwich which I opened this morning served up with a new package of Renée’s Caesar salad dressing for a dip. Served with (washed down with?): I have saved the remaining grapes and the chocolate chip cookies for an afternoon snack.
  15. Finally the sun has broken through and I can see a little blue sky. Breakfast and lunch today will again be courtesy of Farm Boy supermarkets. Cheese and ham sandwich. Apple juice. Mayonnaise. Chocolate chip cookies and the only apple in the world undeserving of its moniker —a red delicious. Once again some intricate unwrapping was involved so that the second half of the sandwich could be re-wrapped and re-refrigerated for lunch.