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  1. Yukon Gold potatoes slabs. Zucchini and lamb chops getting their fat rendered. Dinner plate with the addition of some Sugar Bomb tomatoes (a gift). They are amazing.
  2. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    I did it. Not well apparently. I don’t follow directions as well as I ought. I looked at your photograph. I looked at the photograph that accompanied the recipe. And finally I looked at my photograph and determined to save everyone the horror. First of all I think I over cooked the sweet potatoes although usually they take twice as long as I think they should and then I squashed them as one might squash a bug. I don’t think that was the way it was supposed to be. Nevertheless it made for a tasty lunch. I have two more sweet potatoes so I might give them a similar treatment but stick a little closer to the recipe.
  3. Two duck eggs cooked for two hours at 62.5°C and then chilled. Will break into those at another time. And since the SV set up was ready to go... The first two of four packages each containing two loin lamb chops. I will let them go for two hours at 54.5°C. The plan would be to enjoy two chops this evening seared off on the Phillips Avance grill and then the rest frozen for future meals. Although initially I flinched at the cost, these are thick chops and two are more than adequate for a meal for me. When I consider that I spent $20 for eight of them it is pretty much a bargain.
  4. Anna N

    Lunch 2019

    I am beginning to blush for the size of my duck eggs!
  5. Anna N

    Lunch 2019

    My duck egg supply was miraculously replenished yesterday so I am finally getting around to doing this. Two duck eggs each weighing 104 grams are going into the sous vide for a couple of hours. Will report back later.
  6. There were three ladies lunching today. @Kerry Beal, her daughter Kira and me. A few extra challenges for Kerry. Finding an appropriate place to eat when you have two handicapped people with you presents its own special challenges. The van needs a parking spot wide enough to let the ramp down so we can get Kira out in her wheelchair. And the parking spot needs to be close enough that I don’t have to walk far. In addition of course there can be no steps or stairs, reasonably quiet as Kira does not do well with loud noises and the food has to be suitable for Kira. She can eat most things but you would not like to see the mess she makes with rice or soup. 😂 We selected and then rejected I don’t know how many possibilities until finally settling on a diner. Wimpys look like a possibility but there was no way that we could find room for the van where we could let down ramp. We finally ended up at AJs Grill in Waterdown. Kira looking a little worried here. I am not quite sure if this is the point where her mom fed her a pickle and she’s trying to decide what the heck it is. Kira’s grilled cheese sandwich with fries which she enjoyed thoroughly. Mom dipped the fries In ketchup for her. Kerry had the chicken Caesar. The incredibly fresh salad that came as part of my meal. My ”seniors” serving of liver and onions with french fries.
  7. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    Well on its way to a full English.
  8. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    Thanks for the warning about the smoke detector!
  9. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    I have bookmarked the recipe believing that lime can only improve sweet potatoes. I had another recipe book marked at some point that included lime but I can no longer find that one. Let’s hope I manage to make this before I lose the recipe, too!
  10. One of your biggest fans here checking in!
  11. Paul Young’s Classic Brownies.
  12. Anna N

    Dinner 2019

    Although I am a fan of sous vide for many things, duck breast is not one of them. The duck breasts I can get or so small that I find that sautéing them works better. YMMV.
  13. I might do that but I’m not promising. But as an aside I did download a sample copy of the Kindle version of the book. It looks interesting but what caught my eye was not that book but another book that was recommended as I closed the sample. It is a book by the author of the site LadyandPups, Mandy Lee. The book is The Art of Escapism Cooking. Now I may succumb to that one very soon!
  14. They may. I used to practically live in my library but I haven’t checked it out in some years.
  15. Nice! Will be anxiously watching for ways that you use it.
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