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  1. They are amazing. So amazing that when Kerry had finished prepping one for Kira and was about to drop the pit into the garbage can, I took it from her, leaned over the sink and scraped itvclean with my very few teeth. Not sure if there were eight or nine in the box but they appear to be packed by weight and this was 1.75 kg.
  2. The recipe. The mise. No thyme as it is not Kerry‘s favourite herb. I did zest the lemon in case we can’t live without gremolata. Pretty much ready for a final finishing with some lemon juice. Decided to use the Dutch oven which has a lid rather than the sauté pan which doesn’t. Wasn’t prepared to build dams today! The only thing left to worry about is the sauce/gravy for the beef. And sauces are not necessarily my forte. This is the devilish route my mind is going. Heat up a small sauté pan and add a little butter. Into the butter scrape the solids that I have precipitated from the osmazome and produce some fond. Deglaze with the liquid from the osmazone and some of the braising liquid once I have reduced it. Thicken with a beurre manié. I will stand back while those of you who know better throw things at me! It’s all good. We learn more by our mistakes than with our successes. The only trouble is up here you can’t just pick up the phone and order in pizza or Chinese when everything falls apart.
  3. Ha ha! Forgot all about them. Had you not brought them up they might’ve gone stale in the cupboard. No idea what they are they caught my eye and they ended up in our shopping basket! I shall remove them from the cupboard put them where we might actually see them.
  4. Mine too. I chilled it off in the sink and stuck it in the fridge and it looks like it’s going to make it before dinner time to be able to just lift off the fat.
  5. Lunch for me it was a cup of coffee and a plum. No photograph unfortunately which gives Kerry an opportunity to rib me because I hound her incessantly about posting photographs. Still not very pleased with the beef but it’s definitely falling off the bone tender. I am hoping that I can skim the fat off the braising liquid and reduce it before dinner time. Somewhere I am positive there’s a gravy separator here but I haven’t found it yet. Worse comes to worst I will resort to the old pour it into a Ziploc bag and cut off the corner! There is also some osmazome In the refrigerator and I’m planning on combining it in some way with the braising liquid In the hopes of boosting the umami quotient. Sides I think will be glazed carrots and the rest of the sugar snaps. Both can be more or less prepared ahead of time and finished a la minute.
  6. Anna N

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    My idea of good eating is a variety of things from which to choose even though I know I will eat all of them anyway.
  7. Well, after 40 minutes at high pressure I’m still not particularly happy with the beef shank. It is going to get another 20 minutes. But I am beginning to question whether I am dealing with the kind of beef I am accustomed to which is corn finished supermarket beef. I do not think that Max finishes his cows on corn but rather keeps them grass-fed until they are processed and I am not at all used to working with grass-fed beef. Much more production today may not happen as, in my effort to save a pan which I thought I had ruined, I didn’t bother to grab a towel first. Consequently I have one nasty burn on my working hand. Nothing that needs medical attention but damn it stings. I did manage to throw two small sweet potatoes into the CSO before they became much older. Mashed with some butter and who knows what else they tend to make a good part of meal for youngster.
  8. It’s always nice to think you have something in common with Thomas. And yes the bug was a moth. I’ve always found it a very interesting development of the English language.
  9. The recipe. The modified mise. No celery for starters. But if Thomas Keller can turn his nose up at celery I feel no real regret that there’s none here. White wine? Why? It’s beef for heaven’s sake. And beside there’s no white wine here either. Canned tomatoes – – ditto. It is probably sacrilegious to use fresh tomatoes here and Kerry might have a kitten but her constant mantra is, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”* On that basis I am willing to take my chances. And just to be fair, Kerry has never called me for using anything! Chicken stock – – I like a combination of chicken stock and vegetarian stock using Better Than Boullion. Being vertically challenged once again it is easier for me to do the browning on the stove top rather than try to reach inside the Instant Pot which is already above eye level for me. It is now in the IP coming to pressure and I will give it 40 minutes instead of 35 only because I can. If the final product warrants it, I will make the gremolata before serving. * credited to Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper. She is also credited with popularizing the term “bug” to denote a computer flaw.
  10. By no means. See my answer above to another post.
  11. Still strongly attached to my first two options – – Japanese style stuffed cabbage rolls and gyoza. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!
  12. Good morning. It is sunny but brisk here on the Island. This is a pleasant change and I am not complaining. Kerry is on call in emerg but only until 4 pm today which means she can have a cocktail when it’s over. And she might well need one! Breakfast! Eggs scrambled with mushrooms and tomatoes. Plans today include making the last beef shank into an Instant Pot meal. The cabbage sitting on the counter is not looking any fresher. I know I need to do something with it very soon. I am resisting!
  13. So long as you know that once you cancel you will no longer have access to any of those books! Just saying.
  14. It may look classy, Japanese and expensive but it is none of the above. I picked it up HomeSense for probably about $11. Perhaps manufactured in Japan but even that I question.
  15. Hope you love it as much as I love my stable of roombas!