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  1. The Infatuation fatuously weighed in...https://www.theinfatuation.com/new-york/guides/best-oyster-happy-hour-nyc-oyster-bar-nyc A site which ought to learn how to proof and edit...https://donyc.com/p/where-to-get-1-oysters No, Macdougal Street is neither Greenwich nor the upper west side. Idiots. Where do these web sites come from? https://www.nycdatenite.com/blog/2021/8/5/the-best-oyster-happy-hours-in-nyc At least she likes herself. And of course...https://ny.eater.com/maps/best-dollar-oyster-deals-in-nyc 56! (But older)...https://www.thrillist.com/eat/new-york/best-oyster-happy-hours-in-nyc
  2. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    RE: oysters...
  3. There has been some discussion in the dinner thread about oyster happy hours. Places where you can suck down raw oysters at $1 or $1.50 a pop, as opposed to the standard pricing of $3 and up. Ten Bells is a neighborhood spot, usually offering 3 types of oysters at $1 each, and cheaper carafes of (cheap) wine. It's OK; I haven't always been impressed with the shucking of the bivalves, which tends to be done quickly and haphazardly. Got any favorites?
  4. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Because what you really want are little necks.
  5. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    There are oyster happy hours here and the oysters tend to run $1 a piece. You just gotta go to a place where they know how to shuck, because when they are careless, the oysters suffer. But even retail (at the farmer's market, or a good fish monger) oysters tend to run $1.50 each or so.
  6. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    It's not all fun and games and supporting our local businesses. Roasted green beans with dill, chives, olive oil, lemon. Greenmarket Long Island scallops over yellow grits with fresh corn (and possibly a lot of butter). Hastily chopped herbs.
  7. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Thursday nights may be our 2nd favorite night to go out for dinner; Tuesdays being our favorite. It was gonna be windy and pour Thursday night, which meant the whole outside setup wasn't happening, so we went early to make sure and get seats without waiting. It worked. White prawns a la plancha. Lots of bread to soak up the delicious juices. Green bean salad gifted from the kitchen. Significant Eater had the fried black bass, that prep not often found here, and it was stellar. My half chicken. Half of the half made it home, the fries didn't cuz they're just too good. Chocolate tarta for dessert. Started with cocktails, drank this weird one with dinner...
  8. I use approx. 1.75 grams of coffee per fluid oz of water…an 8 oz. water boil gets 14 grams…
  9. weinoo

    Breakfast 2021

    This happens before Significant Eater awakens, before breakfast... Because otherwise, how could breakfast happen?
  10. Millennials (and Gen Z) need everything connected to some sort of device, with that device most likely connected to their hand or arm.
  11. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Thanks, @Kim Shook! There are way better tutors here than me, especially for fried rice! I think my mom kept and used the occasional can of Chun King in her pantry. Didn't they also make and sell cans of those crispy fried noodles? And your can of Kroger's green beans is interesting - the picture at the top of the can looks to me like Romano beans, while the cut-up beans in the bottom picture on the can look like good old green beans. And yes - they ARE green. (Other than salt and sugar, there's nothing else listed on the can, so I wonder how they stay so darn green?)
  12. There's plenty more. Some even talked about here. Search steam ovens on Amazon too.
  13. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Love these, as I do all of her products.
  14. weinoo

    Dinner 2021

    Tomato (heirloom and Jersey beefsteak) and sweet onion salad. A few drops of good balsamic and olive oil drizzled at service. Baby lamb chops "scottadito." Saffron rice pilaf. Haricots verts (nah, just plain green beans), blanched and sautéed in butter and olive oil, a touch of garlic and chili pepper flakes. I'd bought a small New Zealand rack of lamb, cut it into individual chops, and marinated in olive oil, lemon, garlic, dried Italian herbs, salt and pepper. (As can be seen, my "butchering" skills are not exactly great). Cooked in a screaming hot cast iron pan - these were really delicious.
  15. Can the spun ice cream be transferred to a regular pint container, freeing up the Ninja pint container? Seems like @mgaretz has made ice cream which remains scoopable the next day.
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