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  1. So basically unless a restaurant uses the open table platform (like, if it uses Resy), it can't be considered one of the best? Which is just ridiculous.
  2. weinoo

    Favorite Coffee

    That will be fine! It's a nice gift - why not try a medium roast coffee along with one of the darker roasts they offer? Even if he doesn't really like the medium roast, it can easily be blended with the darker roast to get something of a profile of coffee he likes.
  3. None here either; plenty at Trader Joe's, local supermarket, and via Fresh Direct.
  4. Cook's Illustrated, many years ago, showed another way to use the tenderloins, which is kinda fun...wish I could find it. This is close, but I don't think the original recipe used the reverse sear... https://www.pbssocal.org/shows/americas-test-kitchen-from-cooks-illustrated/recipe-perfect-pan-seared-pork-tenderloin-steaks
  5. It's nice to use a scale, I suppose, when first starting out with your ( @JoNorvelleWalker ) new coffee adventures...you know, to set some parameters. ( I always use it to weight the beans, however). For me, I figure that after 40 or 50 years of making pour over coffees, I can do without. And I don't need a timer, either. And no one is any the wiser.
  6. weinoo

    Favorite Coffee

    It varies, and also depends on the pricing. I like their Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees a lot. And moving out of Africa... Currently, I have the Mexican Miramar, El Salvador Montecarlos Gesha, and the small farmer lots from Guatemala (all the Guatemalans are good). They do have some crazy expensive coffees, but the most I'll go for is one of the Peruvian special roasts, which currently clocks in at a silly $58/lb.!. I also buy the Alchemy for espresso...it works great I always order enough to qualify for free shipping; as the coffee has gotten much more expensive, that's easy. Generally, my order is in the 1.5 - 2 lb. range. Almost enough for 2 weeks, and if I time it right, I get a shipment as soon as coffee is running out. If they roast and ship on a Monday, it arrives no later than Wednesday. Pretty sure I have the 1 lb. canisters, and they'll hold a 12 oz. bag emptied in, and an 8 oz. bag atop, smushed down a bit.
  7. weinoo

    Favorite Coffee

    I've said it before, and let me say it again: George Howell. Intellegentsia is owned by Peet's, which in turn is owned by a giant holding company. Blue Bottle is owned by Nestle, in turn owned by Black Rock, et al. Not that there is anything wrong with giant, multinational organizations, but I prefer to spend my money, when I can, elsewhere.
  8. If stuff is used for non-culinary purposes (like, let's say a Netti Pot), isn't it safer to first bring the water to a boil and let it cool down?
  9. weinoo

    Dinner 2023

    I thought I might never start cooking again, after a few weeks away. Also we both came down with what apparently are bad colds, since every other asshole on our flight was either coughing or sneezing. And me, being an asshole, didn't wear a mask. I've tested yesterday and today, both negative, so keeping my fingers crossed while hydrating greatly. Anyway, last night I was back in my kitchen. Not to make anything beautiful, but... Pan roasted chicken thighs, red beans, rice, peas and carrots. (Night before was a simple pasta marinara with roasted Brussels sprouts).
  10. We just returned from a lovely 2-week jaunt to Europe. Our final few nights were spent in Madrid. We went to both the Museo del Prado and the Reina Sofia, as we wanted/needed to (re)see certain works of art, and there were also a few specific exhibitions that made those choices a no-brainer. We also ate. Since we were in Madrid for only 3 nights, we weren't about to just toss the dice on where to eat, so we took two recommendations from a good friend: La Buena Vida and Saddle. As we were staying in the Cheuca district (or is it called Justicia?), that meant we could walk both to and from our dinner reservations, perhaps even stopping off for a preprandial cocktail each night. Perhaps. As mentioned, on our way to dinner: A stop off at Del Diego Cocktail Bar. For a Martini and a Manhattan. Obligatory crisps and crackers, in this case. Then on to dinner. Sig Eater started with the classic Iberian ham croquettes, while her partner wanted 'shrooms... And got 'em. Our main courses don't appear on the menu above, as they were both specials. Chef came out to chat about what he was cooking, and that made the decision easier. Fantastic red mullet served atop its bisque. This was great. As was my knockout wild duck dish, with some creamy potatoes. I had asked chef about the broad beans on the menu, and he was nice enough to send out a small ramekin for us to taste - tasting straight out of Florence, meaning delicious. Fine meal - lovely service...I think we ended with a couple of sherries, because I don't see dessert on our bill. La Buena Vida. On our way to dinner at Saddle the following night, it just so happens that Saddle is located across the street from the Ministerio del Interior, and some other important stuff on the block, as there were policia et al. everywhere, toting their machine guns. Which either makes you feel safe...or maybe not. But it also means there is generally a divey bar nearby, because those public servants don't make a lot of dough. At least, not legit dough... I kid, I kid. But it works out just great for the two of us - we love the dive bars. On to Saddle (menu here). Yes, we were an early res at 9 PM, but that's how it goes, after a light lunch and a couple of hours walking around in a museum, a nap, and hunger. The food here was great, and the service was...omnipresent. From the Martini cart at the start (we demurred), to the bread, oil, and butter service: Lotta butter. Olio. Great bread. Amuse me... Re amuse - fantastic brodo. Fabulous paté en croute... Full portion, split tableside for us. It's great that Saddle also offers "1/2" portions on many of their dishes, which enabled us to try more. And more... Boletus w/grilled, wild rabbit, whitefish and paprika crumbs "El Sequero." Holy shit, this was good. Wood Pigeon Tortellini - Game consommé, chestnut infusion and wild eel. Also quite good. Those were the starters! For my main course... Mont Royal Pigeon - Potato gnocchi and inside meatballs (inside here meaning the innards). Another fucking winner. Here's where things got interesting. Significant Eater did not like her main...at all. From the first bite. But...they noticed, came right over, and basically forced her to choose something else. She did, and was quite happy with the wild sea bass (which was on every menu around, from San Sebastian on down), done fairly simply. Kudos to the staff for that. Another tidbit..I spilled some wine drops onto our tablecloth... They came over with dots to cover it up! Then this came... And we'd almost had enough. But No - we didn't, so queso was consumed. Nice petit fours to send us on our way. Oh - one more interesting tidbit. Saddle was the first place, after two weeks in France and Spain, where my Cap One card would not go through. Sig Eater's Cap One card would not go through either. So they said let's go outside, maybe the connection will be better. It wasn't. But there were like 6 people there with us, watching the credit card transaction...I felt like Anna Sorokin. A different card was proffered, and off we stumbled into the night. We had an early flight Saturday, and wanted to stay close. And eat early. That's easy, in Chueca,. Our apartment was directly above: Which our airbnb host practically insisted we try. Scoff if you must, but... The wings were fucking great. And on a Friday night, around 7:30 PM, they were turning people away. We'd reserved. As should you...https://celsoymanolo.es/ The Madrid portion of our trip was way too short; gotta do a week next time...this city is great.
  11. You can blame me, but they won't be bad. We just returned from two weeks in Europe; I brought one of my pourover units with me, and it's the perfect size for single bev... Kalitta Wave. (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) AT home, I usually use a V60 as well. A few other thoughts... 1. I tore my rotator cuff on a trip to Italy 10 years ago, using a hand grinder and making coffee for 4 people. 2. I've been brewing at 205℉ with Howell light roasted beans. 3. I don't think that's enough coffee for that much water, but that's personal preference. I go for around a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water. YMMV. 4. For storage, I like these...from tightvac.com 2 weeks is probably optimal for storage, pushing it to 3 is fine, I'm sure. With Howell, I always aim for free shipping, and with the price of coffee these days, that's easy enough. Don't refrigerate or put in freezer to use on a daily basis. Condensation will fuck up the beans. However, I sometimes take 1/4 lb. of beans, vacuum seal them and freeze that for emergency use, in case my inventory control doesn't work out perfectly. If you find the light roast is not to your liking, they do a medium roast on any number of their beans as well.
  12. I'm enjoying using it; holds temp perfectly and water boils fast!
  13. Nothing wrong with a hit of nitrous.
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