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  1. weinoo

    Can racks?

    I, like you, have a huge variety of canned (and jars of) stuff. Like 6 - 8 different tomatoes, for example. Lots of tuna/salmon/mackerel/clams/etc. And on and on. All my pantry stuff is basically in, well, one tall (84") pantry. I keep 1 or 2 each of the different varieties on one of the lower shelves (i.e. shelves I don't need a step ladder to reach); the backup is higher up and needs a step ladder. And then I have an inventory sheet.
  2. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    Since Wednesdays are a major food delivery day, I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, riffing around with all the stuff I've just gotten. It gives me some room in the fridge (rather than a whole eggplant, a pint of baba ghanouj, for instance). And then we can have some for dinner, and some for the next couple of days, whether at lunch or as part of a dinner. Sig Eater loves having a lot of different things to play around with on her dinner plate! So - slow-roasted and unsmoked wild sockeye. Za'atar pita crisps - which are decidedly better using plain as opposed to whole wheat pitas. Tzatziki. Baba ghanouj. Gazpacho - which came out really great. Lots of cilantro, scallion, chives, sherry vinegar, olive oil, jalapeno and Anaheim chilis, tomatoes. There was one complaint from my dining companion - that the gazpacho would be better served in an icy bowl, as opposed to an icy glass...💣
  3. Oh, I should've mentioned - I did the fillet I was trying to smoke on plain convection bake, at like 275F.
  4. You ever get a brilliant idea which somehow loses something in the execution of said idea? I had these 2 really nice, fresh wild sockeye fillets. They were salted and dilled, and left in the fridge like that for 8 hours or so. I like to cook them in the steam girl, on steam bake, low, until they're done (which, in my case is just barely cooked, and in Significant Eater's case is more than just barely cooked, but that's a whole other story). Anyway, the brilliant idea? Why not smoke one of the fillets in the steam girl. Recalling that it is very well sealed, I figured just a little smoke might go a long way. It was sorta like a Three Stooges episode, because as I'm trying to fill the oven with smoke, the smoke is coming out as fast as it's going in. I get to a point where I figure I've gotten as much smoke in the oven as I'm going to, so I slam the door shut and let the fillet cook for however long until it's done. Smoke flavor? Nil. Next time, I plan on igniting a little pile of wood chips in a small dish and putting it in the oven with the salmon. Has anyone tried anything even close to this? And no, I don't plan on modifying the oven in any way!
  5. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    I though you said all those pastes need a kick in the ass?!
  6. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    Exactly how this Italian does it! Although even with long simmered sauces (like my favorite meat sauces/gravies), I'll often use some of the sauce and mix it with the pasta in the kitchen and put more sauce on top...if I don't, I'm guaranteed a giant mess at the table, as Significant Eater shows off her pasta tossing "skills" during dinner.
  7. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    Quite a favorite here. As are BLTs!
  8. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    Definitely need that kick - and maybe a schtickle of shrimp paste too.
  9. weinoo

    Dinner 2020

    A couple of nights ago, I did a reverse sear on that rib eye. I might use it this morning for steak and eggs, or fried rice or something. It was good. I really enjoy the prep for various Asian food I make. Something anal about it, and I used to be in finance in a previous life, so...there are shallots and garlic, shaved palm sugar, lemongrass and ginger, scallions and chives, lime juice and fish sauce. Not shown - a bunch of herbs, the eggplant and chicken. Chicken, eggplant and potato red curry. Jasmine rice.The premade jarred curry paste from Thai Kitchen needs a little boost, in my opinion. Looking forward to trying those little other brand of cans of premade curry paste.
  10. Chopped seal liver...now there's something that should be on every pesach table.
  11. That thing looks, well, scary dangerous. I'm glad my grandmother never skinned a seal.
  12. Actually, I think in the first case it’s more that it’s used with too heavy a hand too often. I appreciate proper salting, and also think that salting properly is one of the harder skills for a cook to learn. And of course use salt with a deft hand in all sweets.
  13. weinoo

    Paella--Cook-Off 31

    Because you complained about having to clean the bottom of the Le C?
  14. weinoo

    Paella--Cook-Off 31

    Some of the better socarrat I've ended up with... Often comes from cooking Japanese sushi rice in the donabe. Which is kinda annoying.
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