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  1. weinoo

    Lunch 2021

    Summer three-salad lunch. Egg salad, tuna salad, pasta salad. Some crudités. Duke's used in differing quantities in all three, because...Duke's.
  2. We have, but I was able to solve the humdrum conundrum simply by lifting the lid.
  3. weinoo


    Good questions. The dispensaries do sell various tinctures and liquids, so something along those lines may work. As well as, as you mention, maybe something creamy.
  4. Back at the Farmhouse last weekend, along with Bistro de Margot and E B Strong's, which is kind of a classic old steakhouse (you know, the ones with the 8 oz. martinis). We always have a nice time, the food isn't revelatory, but it's fine for what it is. Our favorite place had not yet transitioned back into a "normal" restaurant, only operating via takeout. Ah well, there's always next time. \ The beer/cider list at Farmhouse is great, with the ability to taste quite a few beers with the 6 oz. pours. The bottle/can list not pictured is also quite extensive.
  5. weinoo


    How about a wine popsicle? On a less serious note @blue_dolphin - have you made any popsicles using any THC and/or CBD in the mix?
  6. More: https://www.vollrathfoodservice.com/products/smallwares/cookware-bakeware/stock-pots
  7. Lookkee here...one can get an 8 qt. and 12 qt. Tramontina set for $60... With glass lids to boot!!!!!!!! https://www.tramontina.com/4-piece-nonstick-stock-pot-set--8-quart-and-12-quart-_80124127/p
  8. Here's what Wirecutter has to say...about everything! https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/kitchen-dining/cookware/ I'll cut to the chase since might be paywalled (though maybe they give a few free articles a month; who knows, everyone charges for everything these days). And...
  9. By now, I think the soup has overcooked, the stew is dry, and the less said about the chili, the better.
  10. Actually, @rotuts - I read it: As meaning you can order from as many wineries as you have room for. I am either a club member, or order from a few: Merry Edwards and Stonestreet being two of my favorite Sonoma makers.
  11. From what I think I'm reading, you can have wine shipped directly to you from out-of-state wineries, if they have the permit to do s0, which I think is free. https://wineinstitute.compliancerules.org/state/north-carolina/
  12. Like at least 40 years ago. I still have one or two pieces from a full range of pots and pans.
  13. Drink wine. Buy by the case. Have it shipped to you.
  14. That's almost what I mean by send it back - pass it on!! Those old-school Revere Ware pots and pans lasted for-fucking-ever. As did what I think I recall buying at Macy's; a brand called Tools of the Trade. Obviously, if you're set up to ruin big pans, just buy aluminum stuff, and be done with it. Exactly.
  15. weinoo

    Lunch 2021

    Much cheaper, and often just as good (if not better!)
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