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  1. Since I am the eternal optimist (and I know you are too, @Anna N!), just think of how much pepper you'll have at the end of your stay. And get the heck outta there!
  2. We see Silver Queen and Golden Bantam at the farmer's market here; two of my favorite later-season varieties, as opposed to the peaches and cream, or butter and sugar, or whatever they call it. I've taken to the Cook's Illustrated method of cooking, which is placing the corn in water that's been brought to a boil, covering it and turning off the heat. It's ready in 5, and will hold hot for another 30 or so. Often, I'll remove the corn from the ear and do a sauté.
  3. Nick was my pastry and baking teacher at Peter Kump's NY Cooking School (pre-ICE), oh those many years ago. Nice guy, sweetheart, and quite a dessert expert.
  4. weinoo

    IP or Sous Vide???

    L happen to like pork a little more cooked, say 135 - 140F for a start.
  5. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    Greek salad. Cheapo pork chop, brined and pan fried. Wasn't bad. Local corn, too.
  6. weinoo

    Breakfast 2019

    This is, sort of, an homage to @Anna N, after seeing her beautiful breakfast toast shots. There is, atop the CSO toasted rye, smushed avocado, fried eggs well peppered, grated Cabot sharp cheddar, tomato. Those farmer's market eggs, though...
  7. When your thighs, or your breast for that matter, are anemic - make chicken salad!
  8. Is a stir-fry in your future with those? Because there ain't a lot of fat going on.
  9. I, too, recently tried the thighs at 300°F steam bake for an hour. While Significant Eater loved them, I, too, was disappointed. Do they need to be brined in order to be wonderful - or do I need to try kosher ones?
  10. Not yet, but I'll be looking for it to arrive in NYC (if it hasn't already).
  11. Almost exactly the same sunrise as I'm sure you get up on the island! BTW, forgot to mention that the building on the right would be right up @Kerry Beal's alley, as it's a hospital facility with a long history beginning in 1885...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gouverneur_Health
  12. Lucky you - we have the other 91%.
  13. This is the piece of equipment which helped me tear my rotator cuff. Baratza makes an excellent product. When we had our apartment in DC, I bought one (I believe the Maestro) for Significant Eater to use for her daily grind. Worked great. I probably should have kept it as a backup, but I sold the contents of the apartment when we no longer needed a place down there. You hoped! My Rocky is still going strong after a decade - gets cleaned "regularly," but definitely overkill for Moka pot; when I use a Moka for a quick afternoon pickup, I tend to grind the beans a little more "finely" than I do for a pour over, but not as fine as when loading up Silvia.
  14. weinoo

    Breakfast 2019

    They're really not leftovers, per se, as I never put them out or platter them in the first place. I tend to buy 6 oz. of product, and platter 4 oz. of product (ymmv) - though I do tell my guests there is always more lurking around somewhere.
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