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  1. While the cheese looks fine, and that's quite a nice hand/arm as well, the crudité platter with raw broccoli, cauliflower and carrots is the bane of every buffet and dinner party since the first one was put out sometime early in the 1960s! Blanch the stuff, willya?!
  2. D'artagnan's Sign up in order to get the alerts.
  3. Ha! By the time I saw it, there was barely enough time to get an order in!
  4. @gfweb this was online, a couple of nights ago.
  5. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    Appetizers before a clean out the leftovers for dinner last night... Assorted crostini. Toasted the slices, rubbed with cut garlic, sprinkled with olive oil. Tomato, feta cheese, anchovy and tomato, anchovy and house-roasted peppers, plain, and house-roasted peppers.
  6. Flash sale (40% Off!) from like 9 PM - midnight, two nights ago, netted me this:
  7. weinoo

    Wine books

    I have searched my collection, high and low, for two of my older Oz Clarke books; one specifically focused on Italian wines, the other more of a general wine book. They were great and I CAN'T FIND THEM! Also, Kevin Zraly's Windows on the World Wine Course was a nice intro book. I just got one of these; The New Wine Rules I've had for a while - it's fun, and a very easy read, and he's a great writer. I'm enjoying the other and it's done in an interesting way. These I've had for a while; much more like textbooks, as I try to delve into one of my favorite grapes...
  8. Yeah, but think of all the money you'll save by not going to Portland! Abraco now is nice and roomy, with seats and tables. And well-made cocktails in the eve. Agree about the issue with espresso and milk drinks , which no self-respecting Italian would be caught dead consuming after, say, 11 AM. They might as well use Folger's for those milky things.
  9. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    This is the start (middle?) of a New Mexico Hatch Chile Verde, using some boneless shoulder (for she) and some neck (for me). Served with Rancho Gordo's black beans, white rice, avocado, tomato, lime, cilantro, etc. Never got around to a picture of the finished dish.
  10. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    Last night... Miso butter glazed haricots. Four mushroom sauté. Ginger rice donabe made. Night before last... Greek salad, with red and yellow tomatoes (still decent), cucumbers, scallions, feta, Kalamata olives, house roasted red and green peppers, etc. Minestra.
  11. Are vegans somehow restricted from uptown? Are non-vegans allowed to answer the op? But seriously, folks...I can't believe no one is gluten free in this dining group?! And he who needs "meat?' Does he include proteins like chicken? Duck? Rabbit? Pig? Pigeon? Cuy? Shrimp? Or must it be steak? And what's your definition of midtown and below? Like what street delineates midtown? Conversation - in NYC?! Not too pricey - in NYC?! If you're not a troll, go to an Italian restaurant like Pasquale Jones or Lupa. Meat man gets meat. Vegan orders pasta with tomatoes or with garlic and oil and some sautéed broccoli raab on the side. Maybe a salad? Vegan tells wait person to make sure his order is veganized. Everyone is happy. Well...as happy as they can be in this scenario.
  12. Probably after the fact, but: Where to Eat and Drink in Bed-Stuy via eater.
  13. I've really narrowed it down. Some produce, when necessary, with lots of inspection. I like the small apples in a bag this time of year; good for snacks to pack in a lunch bag. Frozen Argentinian wild shrimp are quite decent. Those New Zealand lamb racks, too. And ours has kosher chicken in various iterations. Eggs when I haven't shlepped to farmer's market. Certain cheeses, nuts, dried fruits are all fine. The latter especially for baking. We have a nice selection of cut flowers too.
  14. Except I can cook on my stove if (and when) there's a blackout, or the electricity is turned off for some other reason.
  15. I've given up on espresso at coffee shops (maybe in San Francisco, definitely in Italy, but that's a whole, different ball game) here in NYC; tired of throwing over $3 to a shitty coffee. And I can't remember the last time I've ordered a milk included drink. Friends whose judgement I trust definitely enjoy the drinks at Abraço.
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