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  1. In my quest to find really high-quality tortillas, both flour and corn, I found this place...Tortilla Familia. So I bought enough to share with a few friends (and get free shipping)... The instructions for the flour tortillas say to separate each tortilla individually and repack for freezer and/or fridge... It was a lot of work, but they're pretty damn tasty.
  2. weinoo

    Lunch 2023

    Using the leftover poached shrimp from dinner the night before... Made some ramen soup, from a base of dashi, shrimp stock, miso and a lot of crisper vegetables. Ramen noodles from Sun.
  3. weinoo

    Dinner 2023

    A complete Trader Joe's product dinner... The package had two "Frenched" pork chops, nice and thick and even with a little marbling. Salted a few hours ahead, pan sautéed, they were good with a quick pan sauce (I get the bone), and we only ate one of them. Roasted Yukon gold potato (should've bought Russets, which to my taste, are better when roasting). And for some reason, there was a big display of just received asparagus from Mexico.
  4. weinoo

    Dinner 2023

    Local greens. House-braised, marinated *artichoke hearts. Poached **wild gulf shrimp. Last of the farmer's market tomatoes (for now). Olives. Dill. Parsley. Mustardy lemon vinaigrette. Penne with meat sauce. * I'd make these marinated artichoke hearts more frequently...if they weren't such a pain in the ass. ** For the poached shrimp, make a quick stock (or court bouillon) with the shrimp shells. Strain the liquid, bring the stock back to a boil, drop shrimp in, turn off heat, cover for 3 minutes maybe stirring once. Drain and spread the shrimp out on a cold plate (I prefer this method rather than shocking them in ice water). These were 16 or so shrimp to the pound; larger ones might take an extra 30 - 60 seconds. I also like to brine the shrimp for about an hour prior to cooking them - wet or dry brine works.
  5. Big fan of the spokesperson, too.
  6. Big fan of the Breville products.
  7. weinoo

    Dark soya sauce?

    They're like the Heinz of Costa Rica!!
  8. weinoo

    Dark soya sauce?

    If this is the same stuff... It sure seems to have more sodium... Source. Perhaps there are different configurations for export.
  9. weinoo

    Breakfast 2023

    The classic NYC breakfast sandwich tends to be a BEC - bacon, egg, cheese on a hard (known here as Kaiser) roll. I altered it slightly to make a HEC... Ham, egg, cheese - on a bialy!
  10. weinoo

    Dark soya sauce?

    I realize that you don't believe anyone but yourself. However, there are other sources (and I only put woks of life in there to aggravate you - it seems to have worked!). https://www.eater.com/23053390/guide-to-buying-chinese-soy-sauce https://themalamarket.com/products/zhongba-dark-soy-sauce-naturally-brewed This makes zero sense, considering Heinz has always made what everyone else strives to achieve when making ketchup. And with other good-quality products.
  11. weinoo

    Dark soya sauce?

    The dark mushroom soy I have currently contains a lot more sodium... I use it "sparingly." https://thewoksoflife.com/dark-soy-sauce/
  12. Restaurant cooks notoriously use too much salt in this cit; that's why when I find a restaurant kitchen that seasons properly with salt, I am very happy.
  13. For certain preparations/sauces, I wonder if you could use something like this: KANESHICHI Natural Dashi Pack (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)
  14. weinoo

    Dinner 2023

    Sunday gravy with meatballs and sausage, served over Faella gemelli. Braised peas with. Actually took the time to run the 2 big cans of Italian tomatoes through a food mill; made the sauce a bit more silky, if that makes sense.
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