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    I'm looking forward to getting home after new years to try out some of these tips, I haven't had a chance to make sphere's yet so I'm hoping they'll work!
  2. For me the best hot sauce so far has been Marie Sharp's Habanero Sauce. We discovered it during our honeymoon in Peten and have loved it ever since.
  3. A reminder of my cousins in Guadalajara, Mexico are the Classic Lay's with lemon juice and Valentina hot sauce (which isn't all that hot). My wife and I love them even though they do tend to wreak havoc on our digestive systems but they're so worth the hassle (and heartburn!).
  4. Thanks Nick for the great picture, I think seeing the end result makes it more compelling to try! Does the egg settle inside the underside rim of the plate or did I not understand that correctly?
  5. Hmm, I don't think I've been to A Loaf of Bread, it's a little further up than where I usually go. I'll check them out and update!
  6. daydayxvi

    Did I buy saffron?

    It's my understanding that there are actually several different kinds of saffron, and not all are equal quality. Wikipedia has a short paragraph towards the end explaining this here and I found another site by a seller explaining the same thing in slightly more detail here. I'm sorry I couldn't find a better source but it all does tie in towards what I expected to find. You are right that it does vary in intensity and should be cheaper because of it.
  7. I hope I'm pasting this in the right place. I recently moved to Lancaster, PA and have been going out of my mind looking for a great, crusty baguette. Honestly, it almost seems like no one even knows what I'm talking about! All the bread I've found tends to be white and pasty on the outside though I have found a couple places that gets it light and fluffy on the inside. What I'm looking for is what in Spain we called "Pan de Barra" and to the best of my understanding is a Baguette. From conversations I've had at a couple local bakeries they seem to hint that to make that bread requires a steam oven which no one here has (yet). I wonder if that's true or if there's some hidden little bakery out there making amazing bread that they don't want anyone to know about While I don't imagine that's the case, I kind of hope it is!
  8. This is the biggest consideration that I as a consumer have. That usually conjures images of a seedy gas station that reeks of people missing the mark. I am also one of those people who will buy something on the way out just because it's the decent thing to do. I realize that not everyone is decent but I seriously dislike the locked bathrooms. That just makes me feel much less than welcome. A sign is a great way to go because most people will at least buy something out of sheer decency. Your bottom line should reflect that those that don't should be more than compensated by those of us who do!
  9. So far I have not had any problems with taking pictures of my food. As a general rule I avoid using flash on the basis that the picture will really suck if I do. This is not a photo shoot, this is my meal. So I try to be as quick and discreet as I can either with my DSLR or my iPhone. At the end of the day the pictures are for my and my readers enjoyment, not to hang on a wall. My friends are so used to it by now that when we go out to eat they always let me snap a quick picture before digging in but that's about as obtrusive as it gets. There's no whine of the flash charging, no bright lights and most of the time there's not even the signature "click" of the picture being taken. Camera's are much quieter now than they used to be so as long as you're not making a big show about the pictures you're taking I can't imagine it being a problem. One of my best fixes has been one of those tiny table top tripods. That way I can use natural light even in a low light condition.
  10. Reading through this I think there's just one thing missing in the conversation. Who stands behind these bloggers? I mean, one day I decided to write a blog and about a year later it's still growing quite healthily. I post about once a week and it's entirely an opinion piece. I do not consider myself a journalist because it's all my opinion, my decision to write it and there is no one looking over my shoulder to see what I'm doing. I think it's a hugely important part of the process to have someone to back up what you're doing because that calls for some kind of oversight, responsibility and credibility. Blogging is either a creative outlet or an entertainment venue. While some people have taken to the blogosphere to get their news out there and use it as a news venue I don't believe that it can be given the same standing as a news media since there's no real vetting process behind what goes out there, no standardized quality revision and you do not have the backing of what one might call people of standing. If that were to change, say a company that dedicates itself to news coverage with backing from seasoned tried and true journalist professionals that might have a shot at changing. But just someone going out there and calling themselves journalists will not work. While I'm not saying that all news corporations meet any particular minimum standard, it is already an established medium. Blogging, on the other hand, is not.
  11. As part of an event that we're having on June 30th and July 1st we're creating a contest where we would like to get 3 or 4 top tier chefs to compete for a title. We already have press coverage approved and are close to closing on radio coverage as well. What we're not sure of is what kind of prize or recognition would appeal to these chefs. We are consulting with one "celebrity" chef who is very excited about the project but was wondering if any of you had any ideas. I was thinking along the lines of media coverage and recognition as well as perhaps a cash prize.
  12. I personally just had Kak-ik a few weeks ago and really loved it! I'll check around with my wife's family to see if maybe someone on her dad's side of the family has a recipe for that. I did find this one that seems pretty consistent with how it tasted but maybe I can find something better.
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