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  1. I've had great success with the kit I found here http://tuthilltown.gostorego.com/barrels/barrel-aged-cocktail-kit.html What I like is that you can experiment with a relatively small sample without the risk of wasting a lot of alcohol. So far, I tried Negroni - loved it, toned down the sharp edge and seemed to "warm" it up some. Much rounder flavor. Rye Manhattan - deepened the flavor, alcohol seems more in balance. Vesper - Not so good, the char seemed to interfere with the cicchi americano that I used instead of Lillet Blanc, or maybe I aged it too long. Currently aging another batch of Negroni, still have the Manhattan seeing how extended age will affect it and also trying a very Wet Martini (2/3 Plymouth gin & 1/3 vermouth, orange bitters) Future plans include Brooklyn - think I like the effect on sweet vermouth rather than dry. Gerry
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