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  1. A while ago I was looking to buy one of these. I had this one and a smaller one but gave them away when we moved. DH disliked anything Jello so I wasn’t using them. i particularly like a lime jello salad with carrot and pineapple and wanted to make the recipe. No luck finding a proper sized mold.
  2. they actually made a container for a roast chicken....l had one! Unfortunately it took up a half shelf in the fridge.
  3. @Smithy That photo you posted of your tire looked like it was in shreds!
  4. lindag

    Dinner 2019

    Don’t know about SoCal but whole chickens here are mostly between 4 and 6 pounds Last one I got was slightly more than three pounds but that was from a different source.
  5. That’s always an issue for me. KAF used to have a product called Quick Shine, I still have some and it works fairly well but doesn’t seem to be available any longer. Have you tried egg white? Neither milk or butter works for me.
  6. It might be a good time to move up to a new Zo. I think they're fabulous machines, especially the dual paddle models. I have this one. Over the last thirty years I've had many different machines and this one is by far the best of the lot. Think Black Friday on Amazon.
  7. I didn't understand that either.
  8. @JoNorvelleWalker said "Apparently Zojirushi activates the heating element even when preheat and bake are turned off. Ritual suicide is too good for the designer." Doesn't your Zo have a DOUGH cycle? Is it an older model? I just put all my ingredients into my Zo and press the dough option. In about 90 minutes the dough is ready, I shape it into my loaf pan (or other) let rise and then bake in the big oven. These days I don't use my KA at all for bread, the bread machine is so much easier with virtually no cleanup.
  9. I used to have an extensive collection of this stuff too, but got rid of all but a couple pieces when we moved. I had way too much of everything. Now this house is filling up as well, just not with Tupperware.
  10. lindag

    Dinner 2019

    In the oven now is my LeCreuset Brasier filled with Sicilian Baked Sausage. Italian sausage links, sliced sweet pepper (orange), onion, carrots, potato with s/p, dried basil and red pepper flakes. Poured over a can of Italian diced tomatoes. Smells yummy.
  11. Coincidentally, I just copied this recipe that I saw on Food Network. It looked so good that I went in search of the prickly pear juice; of course I can't get that here. Found it on Amazon and it's in my cart now. Can't wait to try it.
  12. Nice Sunday afternoon Bloddy Mary. The snack part is the big fat pickled asparagus spear.
  13. Mine is the same; bought in the mid 70s it's a 5 qt. lift model Hobart. Still beautiful and works great, never needed service. Once when I bought an Electrolux Magic Mill I considered selling my KA. I'm so glad I didn't. My Electrolux is stored away since it's way too big for me now but that KA is still going strong all these years later. As a young married I tried so very hard to made bread. I was obsessed. Couldn't make a decent loaf to save my soul and had no one to teach me. Then I got my KA and everything changed, I was making wonderful breads. I guess it was all in the kneading.
  14. lindag

    Dinner 2019

    This recipe for 1770 House Meatloaf arrived in my inbox this morning. As I've mentioned before, I love just about anything Ina Garten does (except she uses too much lemon for my tastes). I plan to resize the quantity to half and mix this up this weekend. I love meatloaf and especially made into sandwiches.
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