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  1. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    I got mine from Amazon. It's this one. Make sure you get the 8x10" to fit the CSO.
  2. I've started cleaning out some of my kitchen cabinets in anticipation of the big move coming. Although it's four months away but I'll need all that time to reduce my collection of stuff. The big thing is my freezers...I have two uprights plus my side by side. I haven't started working on those yet though I've set a moratorium on any new proteins and am trying to use up what I have. I was astounded yesterday when I began purging the pantry of canned goods, beans, pastas, extracts, etc. Good God, some of that stuff came here when we moved from Oregon in 2006 add many were duplicated! I'm not making that mistake again, we moved items that cost more to move than they were worth. Anyway, I figure if I sort through one cabinet or one closet each day from now til the first of July I may have accomplished almost all of what I need to get through.
  3. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    Your chicken looks amazing. What is your recipe, if you don’t mind.
  4. lindag

    Breakfast 2020!

    This morning’s breakfast of poached eggs, bacon. Belgian waffles (courtesy of Eggo) and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.
  5. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    They're $7.99 (frozen) a pound here if you can find them....and this is beef country! What the heck are the meat producers doing with them! And why the heck are they called OXtails!?
  6. Yes! I've been behind that woman.
  7. Absolutely, it sure has been working for me although it's not as sophisticated here. I pay $4.95 for curbside pickup. But I love not having to get out of my car. All our stores (the major ones) have the same arrangement.
  8. They are lookers, nevertheless. Sorry you didn’t love them.
  9. I usually gave my hubby a detailed grocery list. Otherwise it went like this: Hubby calling me from the store, “Hey, they don’t have ______” Me: “Yes they do, ask someone”.
  10. I’m thinking asparagus would go well also.
  11. Thanks, @blue_dolphin, for this recipe. I'll be making it tomorrow, after I get the ingredients from the store today.
  12. lindag


    I always put a pinch of kosher salt in my margaritas. I can easily tell if I've forgotten to add it.
  13. lindag

    Breakfast 2020!

    Today’s late breakfast was Just Crack an Egg scrambler with KAF’s Peasant Bread. This bread is so simple that the taste of the butter really shines through. Makes great toast although in my CSO it takes two cycles to get brown. Peasant Bread
  14. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    Last night’s dinner with the addition of some sliced beets. Shrimp Louie
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