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  1. lindag

    Your Pantry

    Where is the ‘WOW” emoji?
  2. I have both you mentioned. The Fissler is a far better choice, imho.
  3. An acquaintance is building a new home here and was told the wait for a bathtub was six months.
  4. Interesting! My Mom always would respond, “I’m as old as my little finger.”
  5. lindag

    Lunch 2020

    So are you the guy who cooks fish in the office microwave?
  6. Local appliance dealer in Missoula. Note: I don’t see any freezers offered at their website.
  7. I recently bought an entire kitchen's worth of appliances (five in all) and had no problems whatsoever. I'm guessing that most were shipped out of Seattle. Maybe it depends on where you live.
  8. I have a Subway about a mile from my house and I'll order ahead and get an occasional sandwich, usually in the summertime when I'm looking for a quick lunch. I have no complaints about the bread or the sandwiches as a whole. I've tried the sandwiches from the deli counter at my nearby grocery store and they are not nearly as good as Subway's. My most recent favorite is their steak and cheese on honey oat bread. Clearly YMMV.
  9. I made this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Bread yesterday. I didn't think to take a photo but it looked a lot like the picture shown and it was amazingly good. Tastes like Fall!
  10. I've owned my Bamix for at least 15 years now. Granted, it doesn't get a whole lot of use. I do wish the stick were removable so it could go in the d/w though. Another thing I like about it is that it came with a mounting plate that allows me to hang it inside a cabinet for easy storage and access.
  11. I have to say that one of the few highlights of this Covid time has been the increased frequency of @weinoos humorous postings .
  12. As was mentioned by @ambrain an earlier post here I like to browse for interesting recipes and will often stumble onto something that piques my interest and makes me want to whip up a good looking dish or two.
  13. Eve n though I vowed not to buy any more stuff until after my move I caved when I saw the Jefferey Zakarian 10.5” cast iron pan. Cooked my fried eggs and hash browns in it this morning. Really nice non-stick. It comes with the silicone trivet shown here. And it fits inside my CSO! (purchased from QVC.)
  14. I use one of these for the occasional need of a light for candles .
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