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  1. Marron glace dipped in white caramelized chocolate
  2. I have used raspberry, strawberry and passion fruit powders from http://www.fresh-as.com. They are excellent quality powders, used by best pastry shop here in Melbourne (http://www.burchandpurchese.com/ ) .
  3. If you feel comfortable you could use inverse spherification. I hove done something similar with a raspberry juice: Chef Eddy has another method using fondant, here is link: http://www.chefeddy....led-chocolates/
  4. I was expecting that calcium in the milk and cream would be enough for the reverse spherification (100 gr chocolate, 100 gr 35% fat cream and 100 gr milk), but it did not form and gel at all in the 7% alginate solution. Is it possible that chocolate reacts with the calcium in the milk/cream so there is none or little left for the spherification? Any recommendations for the amount of lactate or lactate/gluconate?
  5. Could they be served in paper wrapper to avoid touching them with fingers? I love yours Salted Muscovado truffles, how did you achieve that effect, if it is not secret? I was experimenting with big demisphere moulds and aerated chocolate, this is result:
  6. Thanks Darienne. jeener, It is classical recipe (http://vivalafocacci...evito-naturale/), but instead of fruit I used sugar cubes rubbed in orange in lemon, when melted it formed pockets of intense flavour. Sourdough introduced very subtle acid note which went very well with already lemon/orange flavour of the dough. Also, texture was firmer than with a yeast. Here is pic
  7. Apricot mousse, home made caramelized white chocolate and pistachio gianduja mousse. CWC leftovers turned into small chocolates:
  8. Thanks. It is melted white chocolate and 2% freeze dried raspberry powder. I used one from http://fresh-as.com/index.html. Powder melts only partially in the chocolate, producing this effect. Similar one with ground coffee:
  9. Sourdough Panettone Chad Robertson's sourdough
  10. Thanks Kerry. Picture is taken in a small seaside town in Croatia.
  11. Personal best for the first post here. White chocolate and freeze dried raspberry powder
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