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  1. I grew up in my home kitchen, as it was a common ground especially around dinner time where we could all focus on the family and relaxing. My parents owned their own Catering Company in Mobile, AL named Whisked Away. And being around that my whole life subconsciously made the kitchen a comfort zone. I learned from the best, my mother, and have always found my way into kitchen in any place, even at college. Now I am working the line at a breakfast, brunch place and continue to love the work.
  2. 4; Alinea, Momofuku, New York Times Cookbook (1950-1960), and another i cant remember the title.
  3. I suppose you are right on service and decor, etc... However, a concern for 3 star restaurants is small considering Chicago only has 2 if I'm correct? But you are correct. And as far as small restaurants in atlanta for a college budget, there are a TON. The only problem is that EVERYONE has their own favorite place so your best bet is to ask around. Fat Matt's.
  4. It does seem like the best route is to either attend a college for cooking or educate oneself, but with a fundamental base in the hands on, sweating, grueling push of a full working kitchen. It just seems to be getting harder to find people who will take a risk on a college student not even majoring in the Culinary Arts, and in no way do i blame them. But the field has become much more competetive.
  5. Exactly! We have much to be proud of here in Atlanta beautiful city, rich history and AMAZING restaurants. I have two questions for Atlantans, and foodies in general; Why did it take so long for us to have our own Food & Wine festival? (This is the inaugural year, EXCITED!)Do you think that Atlanta is ready to join the ranks of the Michelin cities? (Chicago, L.A., and NYC)
  6. I live in a tiny two bedroom apartment, the simplest method we use is open the kitchen window get a larg-ish normal fan like you would by at target and point it facing outwards towards the outside, and open a window on the opposite side of the house, and bam, presto the current of air carries out the smoke.
  7. Talking about other people aside haha. Communal tables are AWESOME. It really gives a sense of community and a pursuit almost, as you are all sharing the same experience. Theres a pizza place here in Atlanta, called Antico which has communal style dining and the experience of meeting new people over great food is amazing.
  8. I am 20 years old and have been in the industry since I was 5 practically, working in my parents Catering company and then moving forward sometimes and backwards most times. However, I was interested in how everyone got their start, where, when and why? As I mentioned i grew up with my parents who owned and ran a catering company in Mobile, AL for a couple of years. They closed it to pursue other endeavors, but the memory of whisking and mixing from 5 to 8 has stuck with me. So, regardless of whether I consciously realized it or not food has always been linked to family and happiness. As such, I have always worked in kitchens and been very comfortable there. It is not until recently that I have realized that this could be a true career and am now making moves towards making it one. Share your experiences! PLEASE!
  9. Hey guys, first post although I have been looking around eGullet for some time. I have been working in the food service industry since I was 14 and am just now seriously thinking of this as a career. However, I am currently enrolled in college, and as such am, having trouble finding work here in Atlanta, GA. I was wondering if you guys had any sort of advice for someone like myself trying to break into the fine dining aspect of the industry, who most likely will only be able to work summers.
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