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  1. That would be quenelles de puke, I think you'll find.
  2. I'd also like to commend the ambassador. Attractive winelist (including decent selections by the 1/2 litre). For the record drank good chianti and a pleasurably forceful Pic St. Loup. A kitchen I am happy to trust: squid & pigs cheek stew (with tomato, beans and some heat) + perfectly cooked onglet (charred then rested) - served on a bed of chard w. a bone marrow gremolata. Good cheese course - brebis de puy, salers de bubo (I might have that slightly wrong) and a roquefort in decent nick and generous quantity.
  3. Very decent English fantasy of french brasserie. Same champagne as has undone me at MVH. Excellent Crab lasagne. Confit of duck which has actually been confitted - possibly a first in london. St Emilion au choc for full retrofit. All well executed. Pleasingly pear-dropped vouvray sec, decent chinon by the half bottle. Minor starting out timing glitches - enabled one to enjoy the pleasure of a french accent pedalling backwards to deepest bermondsey. £100 for 2.
  4. Does this gastropub rehab make it as the people's princess then?
  5. The Drapers is likely to be swamped on Saturday night. Fig on Hemingford road might be worth a look.
  6. If you want to eat in a pub I would also suggest the Coach (in the Market) and the Greenwich Union on Royal Hill (exit the park onto Crooms Hill, and through Gloucester Circus) which is child-friendly and has truly excellent beer from the meantime brewery. Fancier are the brasserie bar du musee and the restaurant inside (with prices accordingly). A walk around to the Gun in coldharbour (foot tunnel across the river and then round the river till you're opposite the dome might also be of interest.
  7. Yes, a few weeks ago I had a delicious raan.
  8. The gloomy bycicling velvet undergound chef & the celebrated NY comedian? No wonder that didn't last.
  9. It has convinced me never to eat at a 'Gordon Ramsay restaurant'.
  10. It seems unlikely that there is a significant health issue associated with dishwashing practice. Reported cases of food poisoning rose by a factor of 6 from 1982 to 2001 - 2001 had a million reported cases (according to the Food Standards agency) - during which period one would presume availability of dishwashers/mixer taps/hot water had increased. Of course, difficult to control for the spread of key bacteria: Salmonella, E. Coli, Campylobacter, Listeria & Clostridium.
  11. As in jambon du York, the notorious british ham?
  12. Just picked up Reay Tannahill's 'Flesh & Blood', though not sure where to start on in terms of recipes.
  13. Very good cassoulet yesterday at The Hartley situated handily for the glamour of the Old Kent Road. Starter of snail, bacon & parsley salad was correct to.
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