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  1. Ed P

    Magimix or other?

    Once again, eGullet has cost me money I wasn't planning on spending
  2. I have been pleased with saffron.com for both saffron and vanilla bean purchases, although I have not bought from them in a couple of years.
  3. Is this mole available via mail order. Google search was not useful.
  4. I wish they would sell part 2, the recipes, separately for those of us that already bought the original.
  5. Ed P

    Nutella.......mmmm, Nutella

    You say that like eating frosting out of a can (preferably with my finger as the utensil) is bad
  6. Ed P

    Good deal on VitaMix

    Well that sale was enough to push me over the edge. On order now, since I didn't feel like driving across town to Sur La Table.
  7. I buy organic soba noodles, Q Ginger, dog treats, Knudsen Recharge (like gatorade but with real fruit juice), Boost, Balance Bars. Things that are hard to find in Atlanta, or things that are heavy.
  8. Ed P


    Live in Atlanta. Octane Coffee here is great, and they are now roasting their own beans (they used to use Counter Culture).
  9. Ed P


    My partner works from home but likes espresso-type drinks. I got him a Nespresso for Christmas, not sure if he would like it at all. He loves it. Is it as good as the coffee he gets at local coffeehouses, no, not even close. Is it as good as Starbucks, maybe. But, its quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive. And it doesn't take up much space on the counter.
  10. Maybe three years ago the garlic here in Atlanta at the stores I frequent (Publix and Whole Foods) got so bad I started buying peeled cloves. It got better the next year, but the last few months it has taken a turn for the worse again. Probably 3/4 of the heads have some cloves I have to throw away. I think most is Mexican, South/Central American, and California. I have never bought heads of garlic at the asian market, I just assumed it was chinese (and I think the couple times I looked it was). I will have to check out the garlic at Super-H next time I go.
  11. One of the best peach seasons in years here in Georgia. Strawberries weren't all that. Blueberries have been alright, not as good as last year imo. Got my first local watermelon today, but its still on the counter uncut.
  12. Ed P

    Saffron – The Topic

    I ordered some from saffron.com last year and it was still as good as previous purchases. The price was quite a bit higher than a few years ago, but still a bargain compared to buying it in local stores.
  13. Ed P

    Things to do with Greek yogurt

    @JAZ, try Atlanta Fresh. They have whole milk, locally produced from Grass Fed cows. Whole Foods and some Krogers carry it, but its cheaper at the local farmer's markets. Or at their factory store on Peachtree Industrial. I eat their flavored varieties mostly, but usually have some of the plain in the fridge for things like fresh fruit.
  14. Ed P

    Vanilla Extract:

    I actually think Nielsen-Massey is cheaper than McCormick, as McCormick is in a much smaller bottle. Having said that, I can definitely tell the difference between my grocery store brand (Publix) and Nielsen-Massey. The Publix is much harsher tasting in my opinion.