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  1. Waldport has a Wednesday market. It is about 15 miles south of Newport.
  2. Just ordered my second copy via Amazon (US) today (they had a 'like new' copy for $453, in stock). This one I will keep, as I shamefully sold my first copy of MC (for double, so the shame is somewhat lessened by the happy profit dance). It has been an interesting study in supply and demand for this title. 25,000 copies will be here by late summer, but yet still, while slowly creeping down, pricing remains in the 180% range used. That curtain will, I imagine, slowly close unless specific details on shifts in printing quality are made known (Re: Tsunami supply effects etc). The error list was a
  3. At some point as well, (referring to errata, printing etc) we need to be concerned with assigning too much fault such that either the next printing does not sell as well, or Nathan et al are discouraged from tackle other topics of import to flesh out the series (pastry, baking and brewing/distillery come to mind). At the same time, an overly sycophantic response is also not helpful. I take Nathan's posting regarding the errors as what it is - a professional taking pride in his work and ensuring continued quality. The number and severity of some the errors are concerning but not overly - nor do
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