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  1. The marketing dishonesty inherent in the term "grass-fed" ticks me off. All conventional cows eat grass. I know of know operation in the US that has cows strictly fed on grain since birth. Maybe one exists but I doubt it. Grass finished is what is really meant by the term.

    All that said, count me in on the grain finished side of things. Grass finished beef is usually one note and chewy. No thanks.

    While all cows are capable of eating grass, it's availability to grain-fed cows is remarkably low if it even exists at all. While these cows may have access to grass for a very brief period, they live the vast majority of their lives eating exclusively grain. It is not necessarily "finished" on grain as much as it is completely raised on it.

    That said, I recently have been enjoying a rather large amount of grass-fed steaks I picked up from a local VA farm. I like the taste and texture, personally. I find it to be "beefier" with a flavor that is more capable of standing on it's own. The texture feels meatier to me as well. Rougher, but in a good way. Of course, I'll always go for a nice grain-fed steak at any restaurant, but the grass fed is a nice change of pace. I reccomend people try it if they haven't already.

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