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  1. Sometimes these "old" posts are such a lifesaver. I thought I had transferred everything I needed to my new kitchen computer; woke at 3 am thinking "oh shit, my MC indexes!". Was desolate when I couldn't find the kitchen manual index on the MC website, but a Google search had this near the top of the list. Many thanks Anonymous Modernist 310.
  2. Many thanks! Exactly what I needed. I'll be sure to bookmark it for future reference.
  3. My husband wants to deep fry a whole chicken in lard. My local farmer's market has leaf lard from heritage pigs in 1-1.5 lb. pucks, but I'm not sure how many pounds I would need to submerge a 3 lb. chicken in an 10" diameter pot. Does anyone have a rough idea?
  4. The item I got was only the deckle (from Double R Ranch) in one big 1.5 lb. slab. It was about (in my memory) 18" long, 7" wide and over 1" thick. Looked like it had capped about an 8 rib section. Sorry , I think the sight of a "steak" serving that is pure deckle might not be as impressive looking as a standing rib roast, but it's all "the best part".
  5. I second this! I'm so happy that natural fats are losing their demon status, but it seems to take so long to appear in mainstream media. I recently learned of the cap/deckle of the ribeye from a Rhulman article. Cooked it for my husband on our anniversary. That "beef butter" had the most wonderful flavor. I'm actually thankful I got to eat at least one in my life. You've reminded me to get another one, Thanks.
  6. I save the plastic scoops from my husband's protein powder jars. They seem to be anti-static and are small enough not to use up the weight capacity.
  7. Interesting MC looking Japanese strawberry confection. http://m.dump.com/strawberrydessert/. Anyone have the knowledge to deconstruct the process?
  8. It occurred to me that I should move this to a pastry thread. If pastry chefs call it "ragged", I am content.
  9. I can't say no. I've always been fascinated with eponymous terms. Bovie, Alyce clamp, Dyson sphere... How fun to have my own that applies to ice cream and cheesecake.
  10. Mostly MCAH "B" Dinner: Broccoli-Gruyere Soup, Blue Cheese Sauce, and (Kenji's Ultimate Extra-Crispy Double Fried Confit) Buffalo Wings. I don't have enough sous vide capacity for the quantity of wings I wanted to use the MCAH recipe easily. This was a spontaneous dinner in response to a Buffalo wing craving, and dependent on my husband's tolerance for grocery shopping, so I didn't make the MCAH Buffalo sauce either and the plating is messy; hurry-up-I-want-my-wings. I think Kenji's Food Lab wings were a good substitute for, and in the spirit of, the MCAH wings. They stayed very crispy, even with my standard Buffalo sauce, and the recipe works for 4 lbs. of wings. I tried both versions of the Blue Cheese Sauce, warm aerated and chilled. Both are great, but I like the contrast of the chilled sauce with the hot wings. I didn't have hazelnuts, so I used toasted pumpkin seeds and thyme to garnish the soup. Loved it.
  11. His (Ragdoll - growing out from a shave) fur always looks like that, even when brushed. I like "delamination", thanks!
  12. What is the term for this texture? My mind wants to say "fractured", but that doesn't quite seem right.
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