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  1. If you ever have the problem of your caramel getting too stiff, try a little evaporated milk, rather than cream. That way, you won't change the ratios of fat to sweet. To firm it up, did you try cooking it a little more or was it too far gone?

  2. Does anyone have experience with water ganache?  My friend brought me one from the candy show in Philly  (I couldn't go because of Rosh HaShanah.) There had been a session on it. It was wonderful. Does anyone have any helpful hints. I would like to try to play with it. 


  3. I have been picking up the phone and ordering from them for years.  Now I am supposed to order on line. No problem, usually. I can't figure out how to check out. I have contacted customer service both on lone and by phone. No one has gotten back to me. No one has taken my order or enabled me to order. Does anyone have experience with them? Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.

  4. On 7/8/2016 at 11:10 AM, Chocolot said:

    Why don't you cook the caramel near the final temp, then add the pineapple. This will reduce the temp with the addition of liquid. It won't take long for it to cook back to final temp and you won't have to worry about cooking out the flavor or scorching. 

    At the Philly Candy Show, I attended a workshop on caramel. They did just this repeatedly And it seemed to work well. We have been making our fruit caramel this way.

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  5. A few costly mistakes some employees made:

    -Using a knife to get a stubborn praline to unmold.

    -Using a scratchy sponge to wash out a mold.

    --Putting molds in the dish washing machine.

    Fortunately they have been pretty sturdy. I find if we work clean and wash them rarely, they seem to give a nicer finish. Always dry them with a dish towel. Good luck and welcome.

  6. Does anyone know where I might find 76 degree coconut oil? I have a client who would like to carry a meltaway Burke carries it in large quantities, but I don't want to invest unless I know I can please her. Oh, and it will have to use some of her olive oil as well. Thanks in advance. someone always seems to be able to help.

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