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  1. Same here. Will also keep an eye on US Amazon prices. Notice that US site says no free shipping.
  2. Thanks heidih, that blog is awesome. Will upload pictures from one of the recommended places soon. Does anyone have suggestions about dinner in Riga?
  3. I am going to be in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius end of May. Any recommendations for local food places? Low or high end, no matter. We are very adventurous eaters and have no problems (or on my case love) offal and unusual dishes.
  4. I bought a bunch of plates and bowls at Corning outlet. They ran close to a dollar a piece. Very thin, stack great, unbreakable. I have a lot of fun "accidentally" dropping a plate and watching people's reaction (only close friends and family). Think about all the trash that can be avoided if we don't use paper/plastic plates. In NYC of all places...
  5. Grated gruyere blended with egg white. Blend. Smear on silicon sheet. Cook at 150C for 15 mins. Cut to shape. Cook for another 15 mins. The filling is a mouse made with cream and gelatin plus cherve blanc. What really made this was the lemon jam. Lemons and sugar simmered for hours. When I tried the jam on its own I though it was going to be too bitter. It's supposed to be made with Meyer lemons and I just had regular supermarket lemons, and I wondered if Meyer skins are less bitter. But just a little blob with the cheese was lovely. It's in the Eleven Madison Park book so I suspect I better not give exact details. Thanks, found the recipe in EMP. Thank God Harri Teeter grocery store is open 24 hours. One never knows when gruyere emergency may occur.
  6. How do you make gruyere crisps? The look awesome. Excellent blog. Beautiful table... Food is restaurant worthy. Tell us more!
  7. Mugaritz, Marque. In Kindle world, A Girl and her Pig by April Bloomfield. My cookbook collection is out of control and I try to by Kindle versions when possible (reading them on iPad).
  8. chefmd

    Greek fine dining

    Baby octopus sous vide and later grilled. As an appetizer or served over salad. Of course your diners have to be somewhat adventurous.
  9. Would love to see your recipes and photos of course . I just might try horseradish infused vodka. What temperature do you infuse at?
  10. Panna cotta recipe? Hmmm... Does that mean there is Modernist Cuisine Just Desserts in our future? I am pre-ordering.
  11. chefmd


    Ate there last night. Food was delicious and at 45 dollars four course tasting menu, a bargain. We sat at the bar ( the part that was overlooking the kitchen). Chef was there all night. Service was very prompt bordering on a little too prompt. Foie gras soup was rich and actually tasted of Foie (no, it was not life changing . The least successful coarse was wagyu beef that my son ordered. It was just boring. Watching chefs cook was extremely entertaining. Kinda want to go back tonight but Zahav is calling my name.
  12. I am new to eG, was drawn in by Modernist Cuisine discussion. Would love to go to Heartland! Do I need to register?
  13. Flip through Saveur 100 January issue that just came out. Plenty of inspirations. Or go wander through the aisles of the Whole Foods store. I found fresh sardines this morning and they even boned them for me!
  14. How much will it cost to ship to US?
  15. Cooked baby beets from farmers market sous vide. Eyeballed olive oil, salt, and water. I know this is redundant but: The Best Beets I Ever Cooked. Skin slipped off oh so easily with paper towel rub to reveal perfectly smooth surface. Texture had an almost imperceptible crunch and just the right degreee of softness. Served with goat cheese (mixed with sour cream and heavy cream to achieve spreadable texture) and hearts of palm (Trader Joe's) drizzled with basil pesto (not MC).
  16. Amazon is running Kindle sale .99 to 2.99 and it includes some great cookbooks. I bought Jane Grigson's Charcuterie and French Cookery and Eric Gower's Runaway Japanese Kitchen.
  17. 21.99 a pound in Whole Foods in Norther VA, super fresh and delicious. Of course you can't leave Whole Foods with just a piece of salmon so the total cost of acquisition will be much higher...
  18. My husband and I are "Dual Income Grown Kid" family. It still took me until December to pre order MC. I barely got my first edition shipment! Very happy with it. I also have the original polysciense circulator made when they were biotech company. MC helped me to find and join egullet while waiting for my copy to arrive. Not sure if my (female) gender makes a difference in buying MC or cooking from it. My husband does not cook BTW. He does eat well though.
  19. Not sure about Canada but just got email from Amazon US that my book shipped, ETA April 6th.
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