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  1. Saag paneer inspired dish.  Sautéed spinach with garlic, ginger, onions, garam masala.  Added sour cream since I did not have yogurt.  Fried halloumi cheese.


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  2. Visiting my cousin in sunny Santa Monica.  She and her husband gather mushrooms.  We had pickled milk mushrooms and herring under fur.  And steak which is not pictured.  It was rare.





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  3. My DIL buys too much food.  Some of it goes straight to garbage , some of it she freezes prior to that final trip to garbage.  Every time I visit, she sends me home with “at risk” food.  Mind you, I bring gourmet food and nice wine when I visit…

    this time I got frozen kimchi soup.  It was great!  Please notice expiration date 11/26/21 but I don’t mind.



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  4. Visiting my son and his family.  Tuna tartar over avocado, dollop of bowfin caviar on top.  Salmon (that I proudly sliced myself) was served over rice.



    Fish was purchased at H Mart and was pristine.  I had to take a close photo of tuna, it was mighty fine.




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  5. Couple recent breakfasts.

    Chilaquiles with scrambled eggs, ham.


    Black quinoa, peas, kimchi.  Chesapeake beach flowers are starting to come out.



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  6. 1 hour ago, MaryIsobel said:

    Random memory provoked by this post. When our daughters were about 6, we went to a golf club Mother's Day brunch. One daughter came back with a dinner plate piled high with nothing but bacon... I did serve bacon occaisionally at home, but normaly two slices per person. We were all gobsmacked, but we had explained the concept of a buffet prior to arriving and had said "there is lots of great food and you can take anything you like, as long as you can eat it all." Our bad. We let her have a few piecs and then divied it up amongst the table and encouraged her to go back for fruit. She did - taking full advantage of the chocolate fountain. Oy!

    Unsupervised children will be given a plate of bacon and a kitten 🐱 

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  7. 10 hours ago, weinoo said:

    Your's looks lovely. For reference, here's the actual dish I had last night

    My favorite dish at Le Bernardin.  Can’t wait to eat at LB again.

  8. Not exactly airline food but my MIL gave me israelí couscous to take home on PBI DCA flight.  She bought one too many packages from the bargain bin.  TSA sent my carry on bag through the scanner twice.  I was genuinely surprised since there was nothing interesting in my bag.  Yes, you guessed it right.  It was the couscous.  They swiped it for explosives.  Needless to say, the couscous and I were declared safe to fly 😂


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  9. Thinly sliced and pounded leftover steak with green salad.  Garlic, anchovies, kewpie Mayo, lime juice, black pepper dressing on the steak.



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  10. 55 minutes ago, BonVivant said:

    even tried the green onion (!), something I deeply loath. Removed the charred layer first. The onion is kind of sweet, no retch-inducing smell and little slime.

    You are so brave!  Last night my MIL convinced me to try sugar free ice cream.  It tasted good.  Turns out, she gave me the real stuff by mistake 😁.  I later tried a smidgen of sugar free version (with much trepidation) and it tasted like glycerin 🤑

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  11. Inspired by Le Bernardin tuna and foie gras dish chicken liver pâté on thinly sliced and toasted baguette with tuna and thinly sliced spring onions.  


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  12. @Shelby I used this recipe because I did not want eggs or bacon in my chicken liver pate.  I used cognac and Cynar instead of brandy and Marsala.  There was no need to strain it after Vitamix blending.  

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  13. Smoked salmon, salami, Parmesan, chicken liver parfait.  Served with toast.  Should be in snacking while eGulleting thread but tonight it was dinner.


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