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  1. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Terrible Crimean sparkling wine with glorious view of the Pentagon to finish the meal.
  2. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Tuna tartar (albacore tuna, soy sauce, garlic chives, lime juice, Maldon salt). Dry aged steak and duck fat roasted potatoes. Over indulging because son and DIL are visiting.
  3. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Spring rolls with cabbage, carrots, and chicken. Steamed edamame. Quick dinner after work.
  4. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Tentatively posting roasted chicken with cast iron cooked carrots. Hate to go after @Shelby but here it goes.
  5. that is one hell of a validation of what you do.
  6. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    I am roasting a chicken tonight. If it turns out half as good as yours I will be very happy. Almost afraid to post it after seeing these photos
  7. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Mango, avocado, Dungeness crab stack.
  8. chefmd

    Lunch 2019

    Back home from CA trip and cooking again. Tuna steak, spinach, roasted tomato.
  9. Stopped by Rancho Gordo store in Napa while on vacation in CA. I got stupidly lucky to stumble upon @rancho_gordo birthday celebration. Steve was very nice and agreed to have a photo taken with me and my newly acquired beans (rebosero, Ayocote negro, Moro, Lila).
  10. Bumping this thread up. CIA at Copia in Napa has exhibit of Paul and Julia photography in France. He was quite talented, I think.
  11. chefmd

    Cottage Cheese is the New Greek Yogurt

    I am currently vacationing in California and found what I assume is Cowgirl creamery cottage cheese. It is pleasantly tangy and curds have toothsome texture. The price is 2.99 at Whole Foods. It tastes a lot better than any other cottage cheese that I have tried before but I prefer Greek yogurt.
  12. chefmd

    serving Iberico ham

    We are planning a trip to San Sebastián later this year. Would it be OK if I PM you for suggestions at some point? Did you post your trip on eGullet?
  13. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    You are drinking hoisin sauce? On the rocks or do you MR it
  14. chefmd

    Lunch 2019

    Visiting my Russian cousin in LA. Veal tongue and “herring under fur”. My American husband has politely declined :). She made him “fur” without the herring. “Fur” includes layers of cooked potatoes, carrots, beets, onions with (un)healthy amount of mayo.
  15. chefmd

    Middleton Made Knives

    Your post took me to this website https://homebutcher.com/collections. His knives are sold out but you can see the prices. And multitude of other knives.