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  1. Occasionally find them as cheap as six for 96 cents at one of the Mexican markets here in AZ. Frequently get four or five for a dollar. Haven't noticed any sales in the past month, though, so maybe something has changed.
  2. The older I get, the more I want to spice things up. Maybe my taste buds are getting numb?
  3. I will try this on the next loaves. Thanks, Andie!
  4. Follow-up after six months of use. Both ovens continue to function. I've used the BSO mainly for things other than loaf bread, namely pies, cookies, brownies, and corn bread. Due to the extra headroom, I mainly use the ODO for loaf bread. However, even with the extra headroom, there is still a problem with the tops of loaves scorching. The upper heating elements in both ovens are on during baking, perhaps at a lower level than if toasting or broiling, but still so much that it is necessary to put foil over the tops of the loaves about halfway through the bake to keep them from scorching. My old Toastmaster oven didn't suffer from this issue unless it was a very tall loaf and I don't think the top elements were on during baking, or at a very low level if they were. When the warranty period is up, I may consider disconnecting the upper elements on the ODO because I have no plans to toast or broil in it and this may solve the bread scorching problem. Otherwise, both ovens are functioning well even though I could have gotten along with just the ODO had I not just gotten the BSO.
  5. White Lily flour from Jet.com. Good price and quick delivery. Got some of their "famous" self-rising flour for biscuits and 50 Lbs of bread flour recently. Can't get it in the stores around here.
  6. My first two breakfasts of 2017 were black-eyed peas with little pieces of ham cut up into them and corn bread with butter. Probably tastier than my usual breakfasts so shouldn't save them just for New Years. Best wishes to all for a safe, healthy, and happy New Year.
  7. Looks and sounds tasty! I use whole mangoes, chop them up in small pieces, and call it good. I like the taste of the pieces in the bread. It gives a strong mango taste when you get one in a bite and a good contrast with the rest of the bread. Waiting for the next sale on mangoes . . .
  8. Since I prepare meals only for myself, there is no pressure other than to have something ready to quickly heat up in the microwave during the week. My meals are based upon what I like to eat, what is on sale, and what I have in the pantry. Even though I have a copious collection of cookbooks, I rarely refer to them anymore and just fix what I think will be nourishing and taste good. I cook a big batch on the weekend and put the rest in the freezer and fridge for weeknight meals. Works for me and I have sufficient variety based on different things being on sale.
  9. Hello fellow Arizonan! I do but they're at home. I'll try and remember to bring one in to work tomorrow to share.
  10. I use fresh mangoes from time to time and the residue is very sticky. Can't say whether there is anything else in the frozen mango chunks but one would think it would have to state that sugar was added if it were.
  11. I got one of the old-style Vitamix's at a yard sale for $10 about 20 years ago. Used it for milling small quantities of grain before I got a dedicated grain mill. Now use it for occasional blending jobs. Compared to the cost of the new ones, these are bargains. And, according to the instruction manual, it's normal to see sparks coming out the bottom during blade reversal!!!
  12. I was thinking it had more to do with the quantity rather than the quality. I think I used the regular Challenge unsalted butter. Bought it on sale and had it in my freezer.
  13. My favorite is mango bread. Seems to be a favorite of everyone I've given some to as well.
  14. I made the peanut butter cookies Saturday. Needed cookies and had lots of peanut butter on hand. The cookies had more butter than a previous recipe and the nutmeg added an interesting touch, even if I can barely taste it. They held together better than the previous recipe and tasted better too. Maybe the butter?
  15. I, too, have been less than successful. When, I am retired and have more time, I will try again. In the meantime, I need to feed myself, not the starter!
  16. Finally got mine yesterday and had a chance to page through it briefly. The photography is impressive with bigger than life photos, some of which are so beautiful as to be mouth-watering. The text type is of the thin and gray sort but still readable by these aging eyes. The titles for each recipe are also a thin type but in color and some of these, particularly the light orange ones, are hard to read. Wish they wouldn't make the print so "artsy" but, instead, make it easier to read. Some of the photos look pretty appealing, though, and I'll be tempted to try a few recipes when I have time.
  17. They also need to make the oven about 3" taller. Between the two, it would be so much more useful.
  18. My copy is finally supposed to deliver today. Don't know what took Amazon so long to ship it. In the meantime, I got this which is potentially of more interest to me:
  19. How did we survive this long with cookbooks in the kitchen?
  20. Can't help but did find your web page very interesting. You've got some beautiful creations that undoubtedly taste as good as they look!
  21. I can see from the comments that everyone needs this book as much as I do. On that note, I ordered about ten days ago and Amazon still hasn't shipped it.
  22. Good find, Andie. I recently discovered that Jet.com carries a lot of White Lily and Martha White products at what I consider good prices and deliver quickly. Been eating a lot of corn bread lately and plan on biscuits and gravy as soon as the weather cools off. I like ordering online and not having to go shopping, especially among "Walmartians."
  23. The water has to boil and vaporize in order to build up pressure. Sounds normal to me.
  24. I had a mini-infestation a few months ago. First a few small flies and then more and more but I didn't discover the source until a few weeks later. They turned out to be coming from a recently purchased (several months previously) bag of dry beans. I've never had that problem from a bag of beans before but once I got rid of them, the fly population decreased and, fortunately, didn't get into anything else.
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