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  1. Recently received some "sample" Chocovic, Tobago, couverture chocolate chips. I googled the topic and found only information regarding the working temp at 86 degrees. Has anyone worked and tempered this chocolate? What melt, cooling, and re-heating temp did you use and any comments on how it was to work with once in temper? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Kerry...as always, appreciate your advice.
  3. Hi, I am making a chocolate bark and want to add a mocha flavor. I have a ganache recipe that adds coffee powder but I want to add to a bark recipe and not sure when to add the coffee powder in the tempering process and what the portion should be (i.e. amount of coffee powder to pound of chocolate) Any ideas or recipes would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Final question for the day.....I am going to make a chocolate bark with apricots. I do have some apricot powder (100% freeze dried apricots) Would this powder be good to dust the apricot bark top? It tasted kind of bitter to me. Thoughts?
  5. Hi again, Have a few bark receipes using sea salt. Would I use grocery store Morton Natural Sea Salt, Chef Rubber sea salt (i.e. Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt) or pick up som Fleur De Sel at the gourmet cooking shop? I like to use quality products in my bark confections but is there a distinct difference in the sea salts used for chocolate confections? I'd like some direction on this decision and difference between the sea salt products. Thanks!
  6. I have a great list of new types of bark I am going to try. During my research, I did see Expresso Beans covered in chocolate. So I'd like to make a bitter sweet chocolate bark using Expresso Beans. Couldn't find a receipe but did see retail stores selling the product: http://www.vermontcountrystore.com So in the product is described as using Arabica whole bean roasted etc. I did find illy whole bean coffee (medium roast for any preparation)described as 100% Arabica roasted coffee beans. Can I use this product "as is" in the bark or do shops do something else with the bean before adding i
  7. RobertM....thank you for the early morning laugh! Hop sounds like more fun than walk, etc. I will be watching for the next event and plan to attend. In the meantime, I will look forward to the comments on the outcome of this workshop. Safe travels.
  8. I have the cocoa nibs but have not worked with the coffee beans. How do you do this and what portions of each do you use for say a pound of chocolate? Do you use a bittersweet or semisweet chocolate? The raspberry sounds good too...where do you purchase freeze dried fruit that's recommended.
  9. Kerry, I will be sure to try to attend the next event. How often is an event like this organized?
  10. Thanks again...I am on my way to research!
  11. Okay, this makes sense to me. Does anyone have a "stiff" caramel receipe I can make that might hold up to the task? Otherwise, I can do the traditional form. Thanks for all the input!!
  12. Hey - thanks for the feedback!! I can work on these options as well as build some new ideas too. Appreciate all responses -
  13. This trip sounds like it is going to be a great weekend and good followship. I grew up in Western NY and am aware of all the places you refer to in the Western NY area. Unfortunate for me I no longer live there to participate in this event. I wish something like this would be happening in the NC area!! Sounds wonderful!
  14. Thanks! I will check these two out. Appreciate it!!
  15. I have noticed learning opportunites in the locations of: Canada, (USA)Northeast, West Coast, Mid West, and Florida area. But I have not seen anything in the Charlotte NC area focusing on Chocolate. There are a few universities that offer culinary programs but nothing outside of the degree programs for short classes etc. Pre Jel is also in the area but focus is on the "chef" and programs are directed especially towards the professional chef community. Trying to find my niche without spending tons on travel and tuitions. I would like some interaction with people intersted in chocolate con
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