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  1. Restaurant/tasting menu plates.. obviously looking for online or local to south florida. thanks!
  2. Books are timeless, Florida
  3. Opening my restaurant in a few weeks - having issues finding nice, leatherbound quality reservation books. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. dont wear crocs, get birkis, or something without holes in them. If you need a good shoe, check out mozo.com. make sure you have your own basic tools, micro plane, peelers, etc. Anything really specific they will have. Keep your knives sharp and your hands clean
  5. Actually, no point was I actually arguing. Fuming rage inside masked cleverly by a look of concern and understanding over the situation, and I offered to comp his meal - anything I could of done. But it seems this is a trend in our area, coupon seekers not fully understanding of the "fine print". And the only one making the actual scene was him, few patrons close enough to hear him, but he definitely did make a fool out of himself in the dining room. He left happy, paying for everything, including the gratuity.
  6. I'm sorry - it was disclosed on the coupon.
  7. Long story short; I had a customer walk into my restaurant. At the end of his meal I saw him talking with a server and absolutely berated her about the 18% gratuity added automatically because he used a coupon. When I walked to the table ( I am the chef/owner ), he turned his rage on me and was upset about an upcharge on a replacement side, and the fact that we charged him an 18% gratuity on his check for using the coupon. The best part yet, he stressed that he had an amazing meal/service and would of tipped 20% accordingly.. but, he was still outraged about the added gratuity. I almost lost it during the 15 minute conversation with him about why we do it (because people tend to tip on discounted meal prices). Anyways, I'd like to hear thoughts on the added gratuity on coupons, or dealing with these types of customers.
  8. I understand that but that's not the point I'm making. I didn't grow up eating Rogan Josh yet I enjoy it immensely at dinner. Breakfast is the only meal where I don't like change and new things and I've noticed this same attitude in others. Also as a side note, why is breakfast so much less varied than other meals? I know that's not the case in every culture but it certainly is in a lot of them. Actually, the point I was trying to make was, asking why people eat certain things for breakfast is like asking why certain regions have a particular cuisine, it is what is readily available. Culture influences food immensely, You eat grits for breakfast because culture modeled that, and cereals a breakfast food. Plus, certain foods contain certain vitamins and such that promote a healthy start to the day.
  9. One of my first days at a michelin starred restaurant that shall remain unknown, I was making potato coins on a mandolin with no guard on(spare me the lecture) I was trying to be talkative and get to know my staff quickly, I was furiously cutting these potatoes, and ended up taking a large chunk of skin out of my index finger. nobody knew what happened, I immediately picked up the mandoline, dropped it off at dish, went to the office, proceeded to find as much gauze, tape, and finger condoms as I could and spent the next 20-30 minutes attempting to stop the bleeding and get it wrapped. Which inevitably led to me cauterizing it with a grill spatula and finger condom for the rest of the day. The only questions I got was.. .why were you in the bathroom for 20 minutes? Which I left a bowel movement as my excuse.
  10. I think most of this is due to the recent explosion and trend of being food "wise". It has truly become a trend to be knowledgeable about food, and the process all together. Which in turn spawned a huge following of "foodies", who are now self-proclaimed food critics, and dine out more often.
  11. If you were raised on it, you will continue eating it. Beans in the UK is no different for grits in South/Southeastern US.
  12. Most grocery stores display PPU cost in small print next to the total price. Just sayin.
  13. I own a 600w, and I use it 4-5 times a week, half of those kneading dough. Sounds like you got a defective machine. It happens. And most people only knead on speed two. if you are overheating, there is a problem.
  14. my water over here in NC is generally clean. There is a distinct separation of colors between the oil shadows and the white.
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