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  1. I've made mine on the grill and also on a hot cast iron griddle. Tandoor naan is wonderful, for sure, and I love getting it when I get Indian food, but I like experimenting at home too. Plus at home I can add as much garlic in the dough and butter on the top as I want!
  2. I think it's really interesting to see what all people don't do! For example, I find Naan to be really easy, and it's always just the way I like it when I make it at home... although I am usually lazy and buy it. With bread I find it to be fascinating, and definitely worthy of further study, but it just doesn't interest me right now as something to delve into. Same with ice cream- I love it, and will eat all of it, and my husband doesn't really dig it, so if I was making it all the time I'd either eat it all (not good) or foist it on friends. As for tomato sauce, my dad's heirlooms usually were sliced and made into 'mater sandwiches as soon as they came in the house, so there wasn't enough time to snag some and make sauce!
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    Fifteen, twenty five, whatever . I'm talking stone ground grits. I've just never found them difficult to make, or to take that long, although I admit that I probably like them less creamy than some.
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    In late 2009 my husband and I moved west of DC from Asheville, NC. Yes, we miss the BBQ (quite a lot!) and the sweet tea at every restaurant. Yes, we miss the Mellow Mushroom and of COURSE we miss all of the small craft breweries in Asheville. But oh, what we miss most is Bojangle's. We often wax poetic on Sunday mornings about how in times past we could just slap on some shoes, drive down the street and have a wonderful breakfast of Cajun fillet biscuits with Bo'rounds and a large sweet tea... how their bacon egg and cheese was a wonderful hangover cure... how they had breakfast all day so you could get one no matter what time you woke up, be it 7am or 4 in the afternoon. And yes, if we drive East eventually we hit Anacostia and there are a few BoJangles' to be found, but they just don't taste the same. I think no one up here understands what a biscuit is supposed to taste like... Also, best hangover cure *ever*
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    Krispy Kreme

    It explains a lot about me that this thread caught my eye, I saw the "Are they really that good?" subtitle and immediately came in here to post "oh Lord yes!!!" Now, they're not dipping into your coffee doughnuts, and honestly once they cool off they are ridiculous sugar bombs that will give you diabetes if you stare at them too long. But there has been many, many a night where I made some daring U-turns across three lanes of traffic because I saw the "Hot and Ready" light! Oh warm and fresh-glazed, where they're still so fresh the glaze hasn't set up yet and you're trying to drive with your knees because you're too busy licking your fingers clean so your steering wheel doesn't turn into a giant sticky mess.... *sigh* stupid gluten allergy
  6. I've only ever had the Naked brand coconut water, and thought it was... well... BLEEECHHHHHHH. I used to get coconuts as a little girl and my favorite part was getting to drink the water- I just thought that was the neatest and most exotic thing! So perhaps I'm very spoiled for fresh. I will try and find some other brands, though, since it seems the Naked brand is bottom of the barrel for taste.
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    Grits are not easy to cook? This is news- am I using the wrong grits, perhaps? I've been eating grits my whole life and they're even easier for me than making steel-cut oats. Pan plus water plus grits plus heat = breakfast in about 15 min or so. I like to cook mine so there's still enough moisture that they don't glop together when they're served in the bowl. Best with crumbled bacon and a fried egg
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    Pork Shoulder

    What do you remember about the taste? Is it deep and dark tasting? Spicy? Would it taste good on tacos? How did you serve it? What side dishes did you serve it with? Sometimes starting at the end and working your way backwards based on what you can remember is a good way to re-create a dish. My crock-pot pork usually involves chicken stock, white wine, chopped tomato, bay leaf, thyme, garlic, sliced onions, salt, and pepper. You can always start with what you think is going to taste good and have fun eating the experiments!
  9. Ice cream, definitely. I loooooooooove Breyer's vanilla with Hershey's on top, and yeah it's not haute cuisine but I just cannot top that with homemade. Tomato sauce. I've never made a batch that made me go "oh this is sooo goood", even following highly rated recipes and adjusting for personal tastes. Pie crusts. My sister is Queen of Pastry and loves making them and hers always turn out so good and flaky, and mine are always tough and I end up making a huge mess! Bread. I've made no-knead before, and enjoyed the results, but it's just the husband and me and we're really not going to eat an entire loaf of homemade bread before it goes moldy. That's why people have bakeries, right?
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