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  1. I also think culinary school stifles creativity. You'll learn the most boring white-bread ways to make the most basic food as quickly as the stupidest person in your class can grasp it. And they'll tell you any other way is wrong. The Classics are overrated. For fuck sake, a friend who ignored my advice is learning how to turn veg right now! I'd rather stab my eyes out! He hates it and is considering dropping out.

    And, like I said, just read books and apply that knowledge on the job. You don't even need a mentor/great chef. You only need a drive to be awesome.

    But I'm, quite literally, a genius - so your mileage may vary.

    I know that when I hire a cook I don't care about their resume. I can teach anyone how to cook (you think all those immigrants in our kitchens went to culinary school?). I can't teach you character.

  2. Granted I'm left sour on them from my experience within the organization, but having tasted the food more than anyone here, and knowing how it's all prepared, I'd wager a good experience is more Pavlovian than anything else.

    Maybe it's me, but I'd rather just eat at Outback for a third the price.

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