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  1. i don't have specific experience with pastry on a grill, but you could do something like a grilled sweet pizza. melted chocolate with strawberries, or maybe sweetened ricotta and/or mascarpone with lots of mint and any fruit. caramel (salted or no with nuts? a pizza crust could just be the vehicle for whatever dessert flavors you wanted...
  2. crisp salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies! soooooo tasty!!
  3. recently i discovered sardines and avocado. i don't know i have gone my whole life without sardines! i have started buying them in bulk the only thing it needs is a little olive oil and s&p. mmm...
  4. i go for the simple avocado sandwich: fresh homemade wheat bread is best, but french bread will also do. avocado mashed a bit with salt and lemon, a slice of good cheese (most any kind will do), tomato if it is ripe, lettuce arugula or other green, cilantro basil or other herbs, and a touch of mayo. if i am feeling up to a project, i can't resist a good monte cristo made to my own specifications: tender eggy french toast, only a small amount of ham and turkey, munster or cheddar (not swiss for me), and a mustard and sweet relish dipping sauce. ooh, it's getting to be about lunch time!
  5. Not my mom, but a friends mother. They are not really a cooking household, and my friend once admitted to thinking pasta with ketchup was normal... but her mother makes the most amazing chocolate chip blondies I have ever had in my life!! It is like eating chocolate chip cookie dough, except the egg isn't raw, and it is in a handy bite-sized piece!
  6. I have fond memories of the red ones. When I was in high school, those many years ago, I was on the technical crew for the school plays. The tradition was that if you worked in the lighting booth you lined swedish fish under the small console lamp during a performance, and were rewarded with warm (and gummier) fishes by intermission or shows end! Have never tried them dried though...
  7. chinese cleaver and hand! (like a stuff-to-cook sandwich)
  8. Toasted pita, naan, matzah, or other crackery/bready type items with some crunch, and preferably warm, with peanut butter and thin sliced apple.
  9. I can think of a bunch of reasons why we feel the need to cook for sick family… here are my thoughts: Evolutionarily, if someone was not doing well, there is a good chance that it had something to do with insufficient calories. A tribe of people would be more likely to pass on their genes if, at that point, other members of the community brought them food so they might survive and procreate. I think it is partially inbred in us. Since I am not a doctor, I cannot do anything medical to help. Since I can cook, I can relieve someone else from that burden, so they might do better with the patie
  10. Say it ain't so! I love the flavors of them, but they take too long to eat. Luckily I discovered Jolly Rancher jelly beans. Now I can have more than one flavor every 20 minutes. I dunno - I kinda like being able to savor the taste for a longer period... a jelly bean disappears too fast for me. But I am all on board with Jolly Rancher flavors!! Watermelon, wahooo!!!
  11. rebecca

    Celery leaves

    I like them in thai-style salad. (like green papaya salad, but can really be anything veg and crunchy...)
  12. rebecca

    Homemade Granola

    Yeah, I don't think I have used a recipe since the first time I made granola, although maybe it would be worth a try to get other textures, etc. What I do is: mix honey and herbs and/or spices in a bowl, add oats (or whatever) and mix. Keep adding oats until it is the right consistency (everything is coated with honey, but not too thick). Bake it in a 350 oven, on a baking sheet WITH PARCHMENT PAPER, and every 15 minutes or so, take it out and stir it so it doesn't turn into one large clump of granola. How much you mix it determines the size of clumps you will have. Bake until it looks toa
  13. Wait, it's mothers day?!? Woops... Toast it is!
  14. Yeah, I forgot that one. Cleaning anything that came from the ground, that is to be cooked without peeling: radishes, potatoes, beets, etc. I get achy hands from scrubbing too hard.
  15. But why would we think that a Walmart wouldn't be influenced by NYC? The reason that NYC groceries are so cramped and crowded is because there is very limited space in the city. I guess it depends on what size a plot WM could get. But they might just end up being cramped and crowded too. For all we know, it could turn into an industrially supplied Zabars!
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