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  1. Yes another encyclopedia nerd! My best friend and I used to read them and quiz eachother on facts we found in there...sort of like trivial pursuit but we were in junior high. Now I liken this book to that same experience as I share facts and such with him though via the phone now. He doesn't cook but bought the books just for sheer nerdiness....but I think he'll start cooking soon!
  2. [Moderator note: The original "Modernist Cuisine" by Myhrvold, Young & Bilet topic became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the preceding part of this discussion is here: "Modernist Cuisine" by Myhrvold, Young & Bilet (Part 2)] Since I've received mine I've had little time until this weekend to actually read through it in depth. I've been starting with the history in volume 1, which I find fascinating as I love history. I even looked up some of the original recipe books it references and downloaded them to my kindle through gutenberg as it is a wonderful addition to the whole and its history. Second to that I started sifting tbrough the equipment. Then yesterday I drove three hours north to share the volumes with my family. I don't think their mouths ever closed after seeing them for the first time. We each grabbed a volume, from my 16 year olde nephew to my 70 year olde father and for five straight hours we were consumed and shared with eachother ideas and "finds". In my family cooking and meals are a big part of us "coming together"...this truly added to a family moment for us. Now I've got to find a weekend to bring my 16 year olde nephew down to Massachusetts to cook with me. He wants to get into spherification and I want to experiment with the fish paper. I have a crazy idea to use the paper for and can't wait to start experimenting. ...after that I think the mac and cheese, since everyone has been talking about that on here I can't wait to try it as it brings back fond childhood memories for me.
  3. Mine just got delivered a couple hours ago via Fedex. I must say, Nathan, these are very well done! I know everyone is telling you this but they're truly a gem, now to get on with reading through them!
  4. I just received an email as well, shipping to arrive 04/11-04/15! YES!
  5. This has to be goode news then! I am actually a little excited about the book now, even though amazon still shows no estimated shipping info. I'm kinda hoping before summer's over though so I can utilize my centrifuge!
  6. Goode luck getting all of yours, that's great! I ordered 02/15 and they still have no idea when it might ship.
  7. I just got a notice from Amazon that my order for Modernist Cuisine is delayed and they'll give me an estimated ship date when they get more information. I have my centrifuge, my sous vide, upgraded my scale, got some "goodies" ready to go. What a disappointment.
  8. ShaneH

    Roux in the Oven

    Never heard of this but it looks and sounds delicious, thanks for the information!
  9. I think back to my work, in a hospital, and how signs in the room state something to the effect, "Have you asked the one taking care of you if they washed their hands?" ...it goes on to say that the patient can request the healthcare worker to wash their hands right there in front of them. If it's important there I think it's just as important when I'm eating out of the hands of a stranger...
  10. I've actually never fried tempeh but that sounds great! What I generally do is break it up into little pieces by hand into some chicken stock and simmer it for about 30 minutes or so and it takes up flavour that way. Meanwhile I'll cut up some tomatoes, onions, spices and make a quick sauce in a skillet when it's done I'll add the strained tempeh to it and mash an avocado and lemon juice into the sauce off the heat. Pour it over angel hair pasta and everyone thought it was some chicken dish. I've made that dozens of times and tried variations of simmering the tempeh in other things and adding it to stews or soups as well.
  11. ShaneH


    I'm excited I just went and looked at a centrifuge, Sorvall RC-2B and bought it. It seems adequate for my own needs, comes with a couple rotors which would support upto 1.5 liters, certainly not a crazy amount...but then again it's just me tinkering. It gets delivered next week...now if only the books would get here next week!
  12. I just bought the Williams-Sonoma SVP and online it's advertised to come with 2 bonus "gifts"; stock pot and a plastic tub. I went in to buy it and the lady looked it up and didn't have the stock pot, so I got 10% off my order and walked away with the circulator and plastic tub. I can't wait until I can start using it now!
  13. I use mine as mkayahara does, dusting fish after cooking, just before serving.
  14. Mine still shows shipping mid March. I hope it's true! Keeping fingers crossed.
  15. Tell her it'll make everyone else, who doesn't have, one jealous. I know I am, I'm thinking of getting one!
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