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  1. That looks wonderful. I wonder if the place is still there! Do you remember the name? ← It was in downtown in the old Post office building on Euclid Avenue.. let me see if my friend remembers the name.. i am sure she does, she still lives there. I will aks her tomorrow.
  2. Kew -- Thanks for that lovely explanation. i am glad I called it Monica's curry Your list is huge -- I can try to do some.. so little time. Perhaps I will blog again sometime. This blog I just wanted people to see how we ate as a regular family... it was not meant to be an Indian cooking class of sorts :laugh: I do use coconut milk a lot, probably more than I should. In India it a very popular ingredient. My son wants egg curry.. so get ready.. that will be sunday's dinner for sure.
  3. I should be too shouldnt I... I did not know you had a piece in there. .. sorry!
  4. It is a struggle.. I know many writers who struggle with the same thing. it is also off topic here and I am sure the moderators will send me a note if I blabber on about this.. email me and we can talk offline.
  5. It just happened... and then it took forever to happen.. I guess the answer changes depending on the day you ask me. My story "The Color of your dreams" on how I became a food writer and what it has taken over the year was on the cover of the IACP magazine this quarter. I am attaching the file here for you to see. IACP_Color_of_your_dreams.pdf
  6. Thank you very much.. so very kind of you. Pengiun India came out with food essays that are good. If I were you, I would order Mistress of Spices.. I love her style of writing..
  7. Looks & sounds delicious!!! I was alway told NOT to cover any pan to which coconut milk was added, or the coconut milk would curdle. You didn't have any problem? ← No it wont curdle at all .. dont worry. Its a good dish for a cold night.. very spicy
  8. Tomorrow -- Hmmm.. Lunch will be leftovers. I have so much food left! Dinner will be Salad ala Monica -- Fruits, Walnuts and imagination Entree -- A grilled chicken with orange juice, peanut butter and curry powder... a treat I learnt here on eG. Dont knock it til you try it
  9. It would be my pleasure to host you. Thanks for stopping in to say hello
  10. Here we are back after dinner. WIth due respect this is Monica's version of a Malay curry -- I hope people from Malaysia dont laugh at this. I cant remember where I learnt this but I have been making this for years. Here we go, Monica's Malay Curry 1. Heat oil in a pan and add finely ground shallots and ginger Fry them till they change color to a light brown. Add a cinnamon stick and 2 star anise.. and smell paradise. 2. Now comes the AWESOME part -- add as much of this sambhal as you can take 3. Now add the your spice paste (Monica's spice paste -- in a bowl add turmeric, red chili, coriander powder, cumin powder, salt, a touch of dried mango powder -- if you dont want to do this add a spoonful or two of any commericial hot curry like Shan) 4. Cook for a few minutes. If the spice paste starts to stick add some water. 5. Add the chicken and continue to cook for 10 -12 minutes or until the chicken is 3/4 cooked. 6. Add a can of lite coconut milk and bring to a slow boil. Cover and lower the heat. Cook for about ten minutes or until the chicken is done. 7. Serve with a Smirnoff Ice .. ice cold Dessert We had rice pudding. Most Indians make rice pudding a lot thinner than I do. When I lived in Cleveland many years ago, my dearest friend and I used to eat at this Greek joint run by Indians and this is how they made their rice pudding.. and I have adored it since. 1. Add a handful of washed rice to a deep pan. Add milk (2 cups) , cream (1/2 cup) and sweetened condensed milk (to taste). Simmer uncovered for about 45- minutes. Serve cold garnished with thinly sliced almonds and crushed green cardamoms Monica's Devilish rice pudding --
  11. Julie Sahni is quite amazing as is Madhur. I think they have really set high quality standards for cookbooks in general. I dont microwave a lot unfortunately. Just use it to defrost and reheat my coffee (which I have to do at least ten times a day)
  12. Thanks There are a few threads on the basic Indian pantry in the Indian forum. Real Simple magazine had interviewed me on this topic as well -- Monica's Basic Indian pantry
  13. Off to eat. Dinner will be here in a few. See you all then
  14. bbq4meanytime, you and I must be using the same brand of dried methi then! My brand has these little sticks that won't crush at all, so I either remove them or rub the mixture through a sieve (provided I don't mind powdered methi for the dish). ← Try MDH -- really good stuff, no stems
  15. Aloo Tikki by another name.. Correct?? Or you can come over here and we can do a Pakora Chai Party...!!! ← Aloo Tikki sound perfect! Will you be making them this week, or can you provide us with a recipe? No deep frying AND has vegetables- WOW! Don't know what I'd do without egullet- first I learned about roasted cauliflower (my favorite thread) and now aloo tikki- without you my kids would eat no vegetables. Thanks Monica!!! ← I will try to make them -- if time permits. If not here is a link in the India forum to these Aloo Tikki -- I am also happy to PM you a recipe. But first let me see if I can make some time to do this.
  16. My only advice, if I may - use fresh okra. the frozen one gets all slimy
  17. I just crush handfuls and then add them in. Hope that helps
  18. When you both say temper, are you talking about seasoning a new cooking pan? ← Sorry - let me clarify. In Indian cooking tempering refers to heating oil and then adding selec spices to it. This tempered oil is then poured on a dish as the final seasoning.
  19. Yes - Milagai is right -- they are bitter (the seeds that is)
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