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  1. Sorry i had missed this! I make a very uncomplicated and simple cardamom lamb that is a favorite with family. I fry minced onions, then add the lamb and fry it well along with some yogurt and almond paste. the only spices added are -- whole bruised cardamom and then the garnish is freshly ground cardamom. I pressure cook the lamb -- it is so lovely and moist (can you tell what I am having for lunch today ) here is a picture - happy to post the recipe if anyone is interested
  2. Also -- if you want to contribute to the class -- please contact me. Its fun and a painless process - I promise!!!
  3. Not to let the cat out of the bag -- but we have a class on this coming up in the eGCI
  4. The "pau" actually reflects the Portuguese history of Mumbai - as far as I know pau in Portuguese means bread.
  5. Suresh -- Dont do this to me -- it is torture. Gorgeous pictures though -- very nice. Is that what you are eating in Blore -- where?
  6. Looks like a loaded pau bhaji stand to me.. but then these days nothing surprises me. Gosh just looking at it is making me homesick and I just got back. Thanks Episure
  7. Vikas - where can one find your book? I could not locate it on amazon.
  8. My mom adds all three. I use only urad and rajma
  9. Thanks for posting this Deliad. Mine is similar except I add fresh cream before serving. And cook it a lot longer after everything has been added -- just simmer on a low flame -- add a bit of water if the liquid dries up and keep going.
  10. This is inspiring me to do an Indian inspired fondue at home this weekend... hmmmmmmm
  11. Fifty dollars - i am not sure. we had a problem at a friends because of this and they had to first keep pouring some enzyme down the drain to clean it out and then eventually paid to have pipes cleaned out professionally cos it got so bad -- the drain kept clogging. I dont use the drain - and dont recommend it personally.
  12. We have raccoons too and we are in concrete city
  13. I know some young folks who love it. It is about $40 per person is what I am told. Anyone tried any of the other local branches?
  14. A group of my friends are headed to the Melting Pot in Arlington next week and were asking if I knew how it was. I have never eaten there but heard very good things Has anyone here tried it? Can you share ? Thanks
  15. Any new soups of the Indian kind that have made their way to your table that are hot and spicy? I love the traditional tomato saar -- tomato soup with coconut milk tempered with minced green chilies, mustard seeds and curry leaves. So share
  16. "Makhani" means with butter. A black lentil (dal) is simmered on low heat for hours, helping flavors to meld. I am on the mend physcially so not attempting anything complicated this weekend but would love to hear what others are doing
  17. Well, it is supposed to snow this weekend keeping people here indoors Suggestions for slow cooked recipes from your grandmothers kitchen. We are doing a dal makhani - generally I let this simmer for about 8 hours - mostly unattended and its worth it. What are you cooking up?
  18. Pouring oil down the sink will clog the pipes -- very badly. Trust me on that. Dont know about recycling oil -- good question.
  19. I do that for the oil too - it is the only way I know how. I wonder if folks do other things
  20. I do that for the oil too - it is the only way I know how. I wonder if folks do other things
  21. okay here is why I am asking - I was out today and while passing thru a nice neighbourhood noticed how poorly the trash had been bagged and how it was spilling out and kids were playing around in the snow right next too it. In particular, how do you dispose off things like a lot of oil? How do you throw trash out? Do you recycle? I bet this is different all across the globe.
  22. Ah --- I wish I could snap my fingers and have it all here - i want to eat and am feeling lazy to do the work for it!
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