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  1. Joy


    You're preaching to the choir
  2. Joy


    eatpie: love your Ali quote. makes me laugh every single time i read it.
  3. zarela martinez has a restaurant in manhattan. why not give her a call?
  4. while the logic seems obvious, i'm thinking it might have more to do with the intake of carbs and protein the night before. then again, i'm also thinking that it doesn't work this way anyway (going back to the apparent paradox of every diet suggesting 3 meals a day rather than 2). Whoah! I'm not suggesting eating 2 meals a day nor am I saying that it is beneficial to weight loss. I just think people who eat large dinners do not wake up hungry. Period. I don't think they should force feed themselves breakfast when their body is still trying to digest a porterhouse from the night before.
  5. Joy

    Oaxaca Dining

    stellabella, Interesting that you bring back beans. Are they notably different in South America? Are the spices different, fresher? marktynernyc, How do I access your pictures?
  6. Joy

    Oaxaca Dining

    Yes, this report comes at a perfect time for me...I'm leaving for Mexico in a couple of weeks. Am I understanding it correctly that you took the cooking class from the restaurant El Naranjo? Were there any food items besides chocolate that you brought back?
  7. Joy

    Varieties of Guiness

    Actually, Mountain Dew is best matched with a young Mountain Dew.
  8. Joy

    Craft beers and fine dining

    To further that point...Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery has a cookbook coming out shortly.
  9. Joy

    NYC Trip

    Sadly, I find Pings to be mediocre as well. Ron oh Ron how could you waste a precious meal? Sorry I missed the whole pie. Did you have a favorite part of it?
  10. I was at Di Palos yesterday and one of the counter guys was remarking that they had just opened a wheel at noon and it was just about gone. This was at 1pm. A wheel weighs 90 lbs. So if you can't get to Teitel Brothers...
  11. Joy


    Ok, back now with my thoughts on the meal here with Simon. We were warned ahead of time by Cabrales that the apps were huge, and indeed they were. The monkfish liver was broiled in a soy based sauce and served with buttered, toasted bread. I do agree with Simon that the bread was unnecessary, and only ate a small portion of the liver with the bread. The sweetbreads were creamy, however the dish was billed as sweetbreads with bacon and as I recall there were only two smallish pieces of bacon Capers and a lemony sauce were a nice addition to cut through the rich taste. The chestnut puree,
  12. Thanks, enjoying my scrapple education. If scrapple doesn't taste of pig, what exactly does it taste like? Is it all about the talent behind the fryer? What spicing is used?
  13. Another thing that Nathans has over McD's is great french fries. Made from real potatoes. True enough. I always get mine with the cheese sauce.
  14. I had only heard about scrapple before my first Philadelphia visit. The way the name sounded (like a car accident) and it's description peaked my interest. As it was described to me, scrapple is many parts of the pig (my favorite food group) that lots of people generally don't like to eat. Tails? Ears? I don't know what parts exactly but they're all ground up and then formed into a brick or tube. I'm not sure if any or all of this is correct so scrapple-experts please feel free step in. Slices are cut off and fried, and served with eggs, in sandwiches, etc. The one scrapple specimen I tried
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