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    You don't need to be a member to use their pharmacy, so just tell the person by the front door you are getting a prescription. That way you can look to see if they have things of interest or use to you before joining. You only need to be a member to buy anything.
  2. Wegmans brand lump is surprisingly good, it's Royal Oak as someone upthread pointed out.
  3. This is much more delicious than it sounds and so easy.
  4. Epicurean cutting boards. I have been pretty happy with mine. To the people that can't possibly fathom why someone would want one that is dishwasher safe, I'll go out on a limb and guess they don't want to wash the darn things by hand. That's why I have mine.
  5. Wicked Good Charcoal Some of the best stuff I've ever used.
  6. That big time money would have been totally offset by that $3 cup of coffee if they were a paying customer.
  7. I like Marmite. You have found these in the US?
  8. I'll have to find these and give them a whirl. I've tried Journey bars and they were just okay. This has been on my list of things to try and figure out making at home because I hate, hate, hate sweet things for breakfast and would love a portable thing to eat out of hand in the morning that doesn't involve chocolate or peanut butter.
  9. I can't say I've ever heard the time involved was to cook out the raw taste, but for color and some depth of flavor. Certainly, a bechamel doesn't get cooked for that long. Am I misunderstanding your question?
  10. Interesting article about something I have given no thought to as a frequent diner. I've always read menues from laft to right, top to bottom. Weird to find out the conventional wisdom said otherwise, although the article points out that that conventional wisdom was wrong anyways. I've never considered the profit margin of any dish I have ordered but obviously the restaurant has. Kind of neat that they can lead your eye to their more profitable dishes with some little tricks on the menu. I'm going to start paying more attention to my menus.
  11. Sweet deviled eggs? I've never heard of such a travesty.
  12. Pretty sure the orange stuff is roe.
  13. karlos

    Obscene Sandwich

    Oh man, smoked meatloaf is amazingly good!
  14. I don't know the answer to this but you may get more answers from Cheftalk. Good luck.
  15. I just started fooling around with pepperplate.com and I think it's pretty good. I was e-mailing myself recipes found online and keeping them in a different folder but it was pretty clunky. Pepperplate (which is free, btw) has a button that gets installed in your browser and it adds recipes from some sites with just one click. For sites not supported there's a pretty nifty interface for cutting and pasting. I haven't figured out how to categorize anything yet. Then I can call that up on my iPad to use in the kitchen.
  16. Do you have Wegmans where you are? The one around me carries d'Artagnan veal and duck demi glace which might work for you.
  17. I didn't even know this was coming out. I just happened upon it today at Barnes & Noble and bought it on a whim. I've made the Blueberries & Cream cookies and the Marshmallow cookies from internet recipes and they were amazing. I don't really bake but her flavors really resonate with me. I can't decide what to make first. I looked all over for glucose before and came up empty until finding it in Michael's when I wasn't even looking for it.
  18. karlos

    Worst Candy Ever

    The things that would make me cringe when I found them in my Halloween bag: Bit-O-Honey, Mary Janes and Zagnut. Awful stuff. Necco wafers. I never understood the wax lip things. I once worked in a hospital and a patient shared his "diabetic" candy with me and I thought it was just okay. A few hours later I learned one of the unfortunate side effects of sorbitol
  19. I also thought I was the only one to do this, picking it up from my mom (Polish) and adding my own twist. I use kluski noodles, which are thick and chewy. I fry up some onions, carmelized if I have the patience but just sauteed makes me just as happy. If I'm really hungry, kielbasa is included. When the noodles are done and drained, they are fried (like hash browns) so some get crispy/crunchy and add lots of black pepper. Dump in the onions and kielbasa. The cottage cheese goes on top so it's still cold. I love the temperature contrast and the mushy and crunchy of the kluski- heaven. Now I want this tonight as it's 43 freaking degrees here. I find Friendship brand cottage cheese to be the least watery and basically the only brand I buy. I just wish they would stop using #5 plastic as I can't recycle it here and I eat a ton of it. ETA: I like Mrs Weiss' kluski best but New Mill will do in a pinch. I've used plain old egg noodles but they don't get crunchy enough and are too thin for my tastes.
  20. OOhh, "squeezy" cheese- as a toddler, this was what my daughter called that and the name stuck in our house, and Bachman's pretzel rods. Delicious. Only Bachman's will do, all other pretzel rods pale in comparison.
  21. Thanks for the recommendations I love having some local knowledge and will be sure to check out the places you all mentioned. I'm surprised Chris Amirault hasn't weighed in, maybe I'll try to email him because I would love to get some inside skinny on Providence dining. Leaving in a few hours. If you see a chubby tan guy trying unsuccessfully to boogie board with a mortfied wife and daughter watching near Major Arnold Road, feel free to say hi!
  22. I love hot dogs and I love RI hot dogs (wieners). I used to go to Spike's and you are right, not a NY system place but tasty dogs nonetheless. I'm actually leaving today to spend a week in Narragansett and can't wait to get my fix at Olneyville. The last time I was there the wife insisted on waiting in the car- I didn't think it was so bad . If you ever get back and if you have a chance to grill for yourself, get some Saugy's hot dogs. Snappiest, crunchiest casing I've ever encountered and a very tasty hot dog. You'll find them in the deli case at Shaw's or Stop & Shop, I can't remember which. Chris, I'm going to try and get to those other places you mentioned, I only lived there for a year and frequented Olneyville exclusively.
  23. Cool Hand Luke- "I can eat 50 eggs!" Paul Newman lying flat on his back with the biggest food baby I've ever seen on screen. Great scene and great movie.
  24. I lived, for one very fun year- 2002, in Rhode Island and will be renting a house on the beach in Narragansett for a week. For old times sake I will be sure to get my fill of Del's, stuffies and NY system wieners. I'm bringing a cooler so I can get a big box of Saugy's to bring home. Since I haven't been in some time, any recommendations for things to search out? I'll have a car, a wife and a non-adventurous (food-wise) 9 year who knows how to behave properly in a restaurant. The house is equipped and I will happily cook if someone gives me an inside angle on fresh off the boat seafood. Of course, we'll visit Flo's, Carrie's and Evelyn's (unless something's changed and we shouldn't). Seafood shacks, sit-down restaurants, food trucks are all appreciated. Not bringing a blazer so the formal Newport type places are out. We will likely head to Providence at least once, thinking Federal Hill but open to some downtown places as well. What don't we want to miss? And for NY system wieners, I always used to go to Olneyville because it wasn't that far from the hospital. Any decent places closer to Narragansett?
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